Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tori's Pretty Makeup - Colour Pop Lippies

Colour Pop Cosmetics
Colour Pop Cosmetics - Poppin Lippie Stix (here), More Better Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (here),
Chateau Lippie Stix (here), November Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick (here)

Life's funny sometimes.

My weekend was great. I worked hard to launch my blog and gallivanted at the top of the Empire State building with my best gals.

Then BAM! Stomach bug.

Thankfully, it was a quick little bugger (hehe), but this weekend was almost like an ode to my year. I keep taking two steps forward only to bump into a challenge and take one step back. It's like the universe is asking, "Do you really, really want this?"

Well, Universe. Yes, yes I do.

In the famous words of Elizabeth Taylor, my favorite retro badass, sometimes you just, "Pour yourself a drink, put some lipstick on, and pull yourself together."

Today, I pulled myself back together with Poppin', a lipstick from my very first Colour Pop order.

These days it's hard to scroll through Instagram without a Colour pop mention. Intrigued, I finally hopped on that bandwagon and placed my first order.

You guys, can we talk about how flippin' cute that card is?! I generally ignore packaging but that little touch really made a gal feel special. Aside from the super cute card, my order included two Lippie Stix, an Ultra Matte liquid lipstick, and an Ultra Satin liquid lipstick.

Those Lippie Stix? They're just everything! Super comfortable matte lipsticks that are incredibly pigmented, supremely long-wearing, and only five bucks?!. Check, check and check!

The liquid lipsticks? I'm also fan but a cautious fan. The formula and pigmentation? Excellent! Comfort and staying power? On point. Price? They're only six bucks!

The downside? More Better stains. Oh my goodness, does it stain! More Better is not the kind of lipstick you can change your mind with during mid-morning makeup. It stained my lips... stained my hands... and I even accidentally spilled it while taking these photos and it stained my ottoman :(. #clumsyfail

It could have totally been a bad batch but be warned - the color is fabulous but keep a good oil-based makeup remover on hand!

Overall? The  products are great, price is right, and I'm narrowing down my choices to place my next order :)

Tell me - have you tried Colour Pop? What do you think?

Colour Pop Poppin and Chateau Lippie Stix Swatch
 Poppin Lippie Stix (here), Chateau Lippie Stix (here)

Colour Pop Poppin and Chateau Lippie Stix

Colour Pop November and More Better Swatch
November Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick (here), More Better Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick (here)

Colour Pop November and More Better Liquid Lipstick

Colour Pop Poppin, Chateau, November and More Better Swatch

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