Friday, November 4, 2016

Tori's Pretty City - The Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Happy Friday! Or, should I say Fri-yay? :) 

How was your week? For me, this week felt hectic and exciting all rolled into a ball of busy! 

First, there was Halloween. Then the Cubs won the World Series (Go NL and yay Cubbies!). Combine a battle with my clogged shower drain (I won, btw), prep for a last-minute getaway with B, and working this amazing blog into my regular life routine, I'll be honest - I went into a bit of a tailspin this week. 

But now - it's Friday! Tonight I'm putting in those extra blog hours to get ahead for this coming week, listening to my Thanksgiving Spotify playlist, and burning the last little bit of my Bath and Body Works Leaves candle. Ahhhh :) 

So let's wrap up this week with a fun memory and recap of my latest NYC adventure - finally going to the top of the Empire State building.

Have you been? So. Worth. It! 

My two best friends, born and raised Jersey girls like me, made the day trip to visit me here in Manhattan. All three of us hadn't been so we decided to venture together. Below are some of my favorite snaps from the day :). 

Tell me - What adventures do you have in store for this weekend?

The Empire State Building

Inside The Empire State Building

Empire State Building Lobby

Chelsea, Manhattan

Downtown, Manhattan

Manhattan and Brooklyn

Oh Hey :) 

Downtown Manhattan View

NYC Pigeon

The Chrysler Building

Iconic Viewing Deck of the Empire State Building

Manhattan NYC

Empire State Building Spire

Manhattan Views from The Empire State Building

Uptown Manhattan

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