Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tori's Pretty Food - Weekend Brunch

Tori's Pretty Things // Tea Smoked Salmon Brunch

When you live in the city that never sleeps, sometimes all you need is a good brunch.

I am the homebody-iest of homebody's. The older I get, the more comfortable I am accepting my introverted nature. I love people and I love my close friends. Yet, I also need a lot of alone time and am probably too independent for my own good.

Luckily, I have B in my life who is my perfect balance - he's equally independent but a true extrovert to the core. 

When I want to avoid the crowds for a weekend? B supports me.

When I want to seize the day with a plate full of poached eggs and salmon? B is right by my side :). 

So, here are a few snaps from our most recent brunch date, where we took advantage of one of the last light-jacket days. We took a neighborhood stroll and then filled our bellies with eggs, coffee, and potato rosti at my all-time favorite brunch spot, Public

If poached eggs, salmon and hollandaise sound like your idea of a good time  then, my friends, the Tea Smoked Salmon dish is a must! In my almost-three years of New York living, Public is like an old friend. I know I can rely on their quality ingredients, great service, and  hip but approachable space. 

Even the most introverted of introverts love old friends, right? :) 

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! 

Tori's Pretty Things // Fall in New York

Tori's Pretty Things // Skirt Steak and Eggs
Skirt Steak and Eggs

Tori's Pretty Things // Poached Eggs Florentine
Potato Rosti (Back) and Tea Smoked Salmon (Front) 

Tori's Pretty Things // The Falling Leaves

Tori's Pretty Things // Fall On Mott St.
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