Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tori's Pretty Outfit - Orange Blanket Scarf

Tori's Pretty Things // Orange Blanket Scarf
Wearing: Orange Blanket Scarf (sold out - Similar), White Blouse (old - Similar),
Purple Jeggings (old - This year's version), Watch (Exact), Booties old - Love these too!
I like my Thanksgiving dinner like I like my blanket scarves - warm and comforting with a few pops of color!

The orange blanket scarf was a total impulse buy. I saw it and thought, "It looks like fall - MUST OWN!" :) 

Turns out, though, that it's so much more versatile than I expected. It works great with your standard black or white tee but also pairs so well with burgundy, navy and red. Woot woot! You'll see the main way I wore it, plus a couple of other options, below.

It really goes to show that you just never know what part of your wardrobe will become a staple piece! I'm even considering wearing the red look again for Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of, I just picked out a few Thanksgiving recipes I'm aiming to make and bring with me to my Mom's house. (Luckily, she doesn't read this so she can't tell me not to bring anything ;) )

I'm feeling ambitious so my goal is to make this, this, and this. Any suggestions for how to travel with them on a train, though? 

I'll keep you posted if the execution (and transit!) are a success :).

Now tell me - what does your thanksgiving have in store? 

Tori's Pretty Things // Orange Blanket Scarf and Purple Jeans

Tori's Pretty Things // Orange Blanket Scarf, Perfect Fall Outfit

Tori's Pretty Things // Fall Outfit, Perfect Fall Look

Here are a couple of other day-to-day ways I wore this scarf, too!

Tori's Pretty Things // Blanket Scarf, Casual Look
Wearing: White Tee (super old - Similar), Jeggings (Exact), Riding Boots (old - Similar

Tori's Pretty Things // Orange Blanket Scarf, Thanksgiving Outfit 2016
Wearing: Red sweater (old - Might like this better!), Over the Knee Boots (old - Similar

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