Friday, March 31, 2017

Tori's Pretty Weekly Wrapping - Why hello, Spring!

CN Tower and Lake Ontario, Toronto at Sunrise
Lake Ontario, Toronto Sunrise 
 I've decided. I'm over being cold.

I'm a true season-lover. I even generally prefer the cooler Fall and Winter months over the warm. (Is it terrible that I'm already itching for a bit of Christmas music already?!)

Yet, there is always that point - the one day I wake up and say, "Okay, I'm full. I've enjoyed as much as I can and I'm ready to move onto the next."

Well, today is that day. Winter, I'm over it.

I mean, would you just look at that sunrise? Doesn't it give you all the feels for warmer weather?! Springtime blooms, iced coffees, and light jackets - I'm so ready for ya!

But, le sigh. Warmer temps just aren't in the foreseeable future yet (or, at least, the 10-day outlook in my weather app...)

Until then, I'll just keep wearing all the spring and trying to make outside time a thing again - even if that outside time still means my parka is in full rotation.

This Week's Pretty Nails

OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Let's be Friends!, OPI Skull & Glossbones
OPI Alpine Snow mini, OPI Let's be Friends! (Similar), OPI Skull & Glossbones mini (similar)
Excuse me while I continue my love affair with white nails. #sorrynotsorry

Yes, I know I already wore white nails here, here, and here this year. I just can't help it! I didn't know how much I needed a new white polish until OPI's Alpine Snow came into my life in a holiday gift set.

Could it be this whole "I turned 30" thing and wanting a bit more sophistication in my life?

(Because what's more sophisticated than leopard print, obvi?!)

Truth be told, I think I'm a bit bright-colored out (I know! The shock! The horror!) I'm just really loving this whole soft neutral trend and it's almost palette-cleanse like effect on my nails.

OPI Let's Be Friends Swatch, Easy Leopard Nail Art
OPI Alpine SnowOPI Let's be Friends! (Similar), OPI Skull & Glossbones (Similar)
For this design, I was inspired by an Instagram post that I pinned years ago. I love a good leopard mani!

Once you nail the technique (Ha!), it's one of those go-to designs that always look way more detailed than it actually is.

OPI Skull & Glossbones detail, Easy Leopard Nail Art
OPI Alpine SnowOPI Let's be Friends! (Similar), OPI Skull & Glossbones (Similar)

For this design, I'm wearing all OPI polishes.

I used Let's be Friends!, a very pale cool-toned pink, from last year's Hello Kitty collection on my pointer nail, pinkie, and the leopard dots.

I used Alpine Snow, a true white shade, for the base of the leopard print. I used Skull and Glossbones, a whitened gray shade, for the leopard "spots".

OPI Alpine Snow Swatch, Easy Leopard Nail Art
OPI Alpine SnowOPI Let's be Friends! (Similar), OPI Skull & Glossbones (Similar)
While two of these three polishes are tough to get your hands on, this mani is easy to re-create with any pink, white and gray or nude shade you have in your collection.

This Week's Pretty Makeup

Easy spring everyday makeup look and messy Top Knot Bun
Brow Pencil, Brow Gel, Eyelash primerMascara, Eyeliner,  Blush, Highlighter, Liquid Lipstick
Can I just say how much Emily's top knot tutorial up'ed my messy bun skills?!

That little tutorial took my top knot from ballerina cute to full volume chic, strictly through the help of her teasing techniques.  I highly recommend the read (and, really, her blog overall!)

Easy everyday makeup look for spring 2017 with a Messy Top Knot Bun
Brow PencilBrow GelEyelash primerMascaraEyeliner,  BlushHighlighterLiquid Lipstick
For this makeup look I was really feeling something easy but colorful, as I  brought some of my springtime shades back into rotation.

On the day-to-day I don't usually wear a lot of eyeshadow (who has the time?!) So here I paired my holy grail black liquid liner with a peachy lip shade and a bit of soft highlight.

It's a simple look that makes me feel really pulled together for those work-from-home video calls.

This Week's Pretty City

Canada Life Building, Downtown Toronto
Canada Life Building, Downtown Toronto
Earlier this month, I flew back to New York for work. I'm enjoying my in-flight snack when all of a sudden I feel - CRACK!

Turns out, Dentists weren't kidding when they told us that crunchy foods can crack your teeth (or, in this case, a veggie chip.) Womp, womp.

So off I went this week to my first Canadian doctor visit, and to a very nice dentist who patched me back up!

Queen Street West, Toronto
Queen Street West, Toronto
I've had a dozen random teeth ailments in my life (including shark teeth, a palette expander, and wisdom teeth extractions). So a successful dentist visit is sort of par for my course.

But you know what I was proud of?

I was able to walk the 20 minutes myself...WITHOUT USING GOOGLE MAPS!


Not even that, I knew so well where I was going that I stopped to snap these photos on the way home! (...Granted, I also almost walked into moving traffic doing that, but that's a story for another day.)

I am so proud to be learning my way around my new city - at least my downtown portion of it :).

This Week's Pretty Life

All I need in life is Mascara, Lipgloss and Coffee Mug
All I need in life is Mascara, Lipgloss and Coffee Mug (Similar all over Etsy!)
I was so proud on my walk home, you know what I did?

I walked myself right on into the Michael's near my apartment - the one that's 3 beautiful floors and I've been responsibily avoiding.

I convinced myself that I was just going to check off another to-do list item by replacing a broken picture frame. Somehow, though, I walked out with a total of 4 new picture frames and this perfect mug...Whoops!

But really, can any day start out on a bad foot in a coffee mug as cute as this?!

Peter Pan Bistro, Homemade Scones, Homemade Jam
Peter Pan Bistro, Queen St W, Toronto
I'm still working hard at my new fitness goals and sticking really well to my new eating habits.

This week's cheat meal turned a bit more into a semi-cheat day, though. 

 Canadian's do scones better than any scone I've ever had (It must be a throwback to those British days, I guess!) So for my official cheat meal (#alwaysbrunch), I was itching for a good scone and Salmon benedict at one of our favorite restaurants.

B and I got there bright and early around 10 and still got one of theie last scone orders! We learned their scones are so coveted that they sell out almost every weekend.


Margharita Pizza and Zucchini Friti from Figo, Toronto
Margharita Pizza and Zucchini Friti from Figo, Adelaide St W, Toronto
Later that night, I met a couple of new friends for dinner.

New faces + great conversation + yummy food? There really aren't many things in life better than that.

However, it's so much tougher to eat healthy when you're eating out! So those Zucchini Friti for the table were a little bit of a splurge. The Margherita Pizza, though, was a "not perfect but within limits" kind of a main dish :).

Where I enjoy said TV shows!
I was absolutely convinced that moving to Canada meant that I couldn't access my US Netflix account anymore.

But thanks to some of that great conversation with new friends, it turns out I was just typing in the wrong login email

There is SO much TV that I'm digging lately.

Feud: Bette and Joan is so good!

Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis?! Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford?! That talent on talent alone makes this such a delicious mini-series.

Schitt's Creek is also a must-watch these days. This show has the smartest humor and it's just so Canadian. I can't even, I love it so much!

And now that I have Netflix "back", I'm finally getting around to finishing season 2 of Fuller House.Who doesn't love a good nostalgia-inducing comedy?

That's a wrap on another pretty week

And that's it! Another week in the books.

Now it's your turn! Are you as ready for Spring as I am? What food are you eating? What shows are you watching?

Tell me in the comments below!

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