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Tori's Pretty Weekly Wrapping - Pretty Brights & Birthday Nights

Queen St W and Spadina Ave, Toronto
Queen St W and Spadina Ave, Toronto 
In roughly 48 hours the love of my life turns 30! Woohoo!

B and I are heading back to New York for a short weekend trip to celebrate this milestone. I love me some Toronto but I can't wait to spend a little time back in the Big Apple.

If you know me in real life you know that the nightlife scene isn't my thing.

I don't drink, I'm a pretty shy dancer, and a true introvert. Most weekend nights you can find me curled up on the couch reading fashion blogs or devouring youtube beauty videos. #ThatIntrovertLife

So I'm really not usually the gal you want by your side when you're feeling all those club vibes. I'm more the, "I feel awkward and bored, so while you sit here and get totally plastered, I'll stare off at the sports game on the TV and sip my soda water with lime."

That said, there are a few exceptions when I add some sugar to my soda water and shake my tail feathers.

Halloween? Costume party, here I come!

New Year's Eve? I'll take a LBD, smokey eye, and mocktail, please.

A loved one's Birthday? Heck yeah to that bar crawl!

So, bring it on, New York. B deserves one heck of a celebration and I'm all in. Here's to dusting off those dancing shoes and getting ready to show this city who's back in town :).

This Week's Pretty Nails

Springtime Nail Polish
OPI Pink Friday (old, similar), Zoya Dannii, Zoya Jo,
Urban Decay Love Train (old, Similar), Maybelline Outloud Lime (old, Similar
I know, I know. Spring and florals - totally cliché, right?

But you know what? If a gal can't pair springtime and florals then really, what can we pair?!

This week I went with another Pinterest-inspired mani (inspired by this pin), trying my hand at a ruffian daisy chain. 

Springtime Daisies Floral NOTD
OPI Pink Friday (old, similar), Zoya Dannii, Zoya Jo
Urban Decay Love Train (old, similar), Maybelline Outloud Lime (old, similar
As a long-standing polish collector, it goes without saying (..but, you know, with saying) that I own quite a few polishes. Over 800 to be exact. #Iknow

Fun Fact: It's super difficult to move a nail polish collection of this size across international borders, where Customs agents haven't heard of something like nail polish collection...

That whole messy and expensive process really put into perspective wants vs. needs!

So I'm on a bit of a no-spend and diving back into the collection.

Spring Floral Mani 2017
OPI Pink Friday (old, similar), Zoya Dannii, Zoya Jo
Urban Decay Love Train (old, similar), Maybelline Outloud Lime (old, similar
Maybelline doesn't even make this line of polish anymore but I'm so happy to have this oldie around. What once worked as a bright summer lime now perfectly doubles as a cheery spring green base.

I then used a bubblegum pink, cool-toned cornflower blue, and a rich violet for the ruffian floral design. I popped in a shimmery white for the flower's center and - voilà!

Ruffian Floral nail art 2017
OPI Pink Friday (old, similar), Zoya Dannii, Zoya Jo
Urban Decay Love Train (old, similar), Maybelline Outloud Lime (old, similar
Most of these shades found their way to my heart 4+ years ago. I'm so impressed that these Zoya shades made their way to the permanent collection!

But. I mean, it makes sense. Who wouldn't want an affordable, salon quality formula in pretty much every shade? ::raises hand!::

So while Pink Friday, Love Train, and Outloud Lime are too old to get your hands on, this pink, shimmery white, and spring green are great alternatives for one-stop shopping.

This Week's Pretty Outfit

White Jeans, Gray Sweater - Neutral Early Spring Outfit 2017
Sweater (old, similar length, similar color), Jeans (exact style, similar), 
Booties (old, similar), Phone Case, Curling Iron 
First off - Sorry for the dirty mirror! I took these one week shy of an office cleaning...

Ignoring that, here's a minor fashion-blog pet peeve.

I love seeing the warmer-weather fashion inspiration lately. But here in Canada? it's still pretty cold!

Even back home in the Northeast, it's just not warm enough yet to justify all of the tank tops and skirts I'm seeing on the blogs.

Spring Outfit, white Jeans and Gray Sweater, Early Spring 2017 Look
Sweater (old, similar lengthsimilar color), Jeans (exact stylesimilar), 
Booties (old, similar), Phone CaseCurling Iron 
So here's my take on a spring fashion trend in a weather-matching way - neutrals on neutrals. Ahh, all the heart eyes!

Crisp white jeans, a neutral sweater, and taupe booties? This is such an easy formula for achieving a warm outfit that still feels so Spring. 

This Week's Pretty Treat

Perfect Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chips
Perfect Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chips
Okay okay. I know what you're thinking.

"Haven't you been talking weekly about your new health and fitness goals? How do cookies fit into that..?"

You're totally right. They don't. 

Soft Baked Peanut Butter Cookies
Soft Baked Peanut Butter Cookies
Yet, I'm a gal with a soft-spot for baking. As a Type-A all the way, I find something soothing in exact measurements and oven timers :).

So yes, I did make this. No, I haven't lost track of my goals or changed my mind about healthy eating! Sometimes a gal just wants to spend a Saturday making cookies for the guy she loves (and then taking pretty photos to admire from afar.)

Thankfully of all the cookies in the world to make, Peanut Butter cookies don't  completely break the calorie bank. Plus, they pack a pretty nice punch of protein. So even if I do slip and eat one, it won't be the end of the world.   

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips
Soft Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips 
Now if you're looking for soft-baked peanut butter cookie perfection, then you need to check out this recipe!

I added all-natural peanut butter (I really just like the taste better) and chocolate chips, but otherwise I followed the recipe to a T. These cookies smell like heaven - and B said they tasted like them too.

This cookie is a true must make!

This Week's Pretty Life

At The Drive In - Toronto, Ontario, March 2017
At The Drive-In - Toronto, Ontario, March 2017
In my teens and early 20's, I spent many a Saturday night in the crowd of a good rock show. My life's changed though and it's been a couple of years so I screamed my little rock-loving heart out.

A few days ago, B and I threw our cares to the air and spent the night (a weeknight, even!) seeing one of his favorite bands, At The Drive-In.

Tori's Pretty Things - 30-Something's Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
Terribly grainy photo of B and I at the show!
Wearing: Plaid Shirt (old, this year's version), Curling Iron
One of the many, many reasons why I love B so much is that we just get each other.

We grew up very similarly when it comes to experiences and environments. So we developed very similar hobbies and tastes.

At our core, we're just both music-loving, deep-thinking, sleep hobbyists who enjoy trying new food, exploring new cities, and traveling the world. 

At The Drive In - Toronto, Ontario, March 2017
At The Drive In - Toronto, Ontario, March 2017
While I wasn't sepecifically an At The Drive-In fan myself, I certainly am now! B and I had so much fun bopping around and dancing to their biggest hits.

Their music took us back to a time where a band t-shirt and loud music felt like home :). 

Tinga de Pollo Buritto Bowl, Mi Taco Taqueria, Toronto
Tinga de Pollo Burrito Bowl, Mi Taco Taqueria, Toronto
You know what else can make a gal feel at home? Finding a really good go-to Mexican place in a new city. #Score!

This week's cheat meal looked a lot like healthy, slow cooked spicy chicken with a big ole pile of guacamole on top.

Mi Taco Taqueria? Yeah, we're going to get to know each other reallyyyy well.

Messy Top Knot Hair, Tori's Pretty Things
Hair - Before
Wearing: Sweater (exact, similar), Earrings
Another Toronto first checked off? Finding a new hair salon.

Please tell me I'm not the only who feels stressed trying a new salon and a new stylist?! I know you hair-loving gals out there totally understand my feels!

I'm always so afraid of a terrible cut - I've been victim to a bad haircut one too many times.

Everday beachy natural waves, Tori's Pretty Things
Hair - After!
Cut and loose beachy waves created by Tiffany; Wearing: Sweater (exactsimilar), Earrings
Thankfully, Tiffany just totally nailed it!

Not only did we just click as women but she really listened to what I was looking for and shared some great advice on the balayage I'm considering. (Because apparently when I turned 30, my hair decided it was time to start growing gray hair...#notkidding)

I'm so happy with this cut - and even happier with the soft, beachy waves she styled. Ahhh, what a relief to find a new hair-home!

That's a Wrap on Another Pretty Week

Now, I'd love to hear from you! 

What celebrations are in your future? Tell me all about the exciting things in your life in the comments below :) 
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