Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tori's Pretty Life - Takin' it Easy

299 Queen St W - CTV Studios - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
299 Queen St W, CTV Studios
Another week bites the dust! ("And another one gone, and another gone...")

First off, my apologies to anyone I fell off the radar with this past week. Remember when I told you that lately life is just go-go-go? Well, last week I made a point to come to a full stop.

And it was so, so needed!

I've told you before - I'm a true introvert. I need a solid balance of alone time to recharge my batteries, gather my thoughts, and be a better person, overall.

So while B ventured to Montreal last weekend (he checked off a life-long dream of seeing the Grand Prix with two of his best buddies), I intentionally kept a clear schedule and did a whole lot of nothing.

It was awesome!

This Week's Pretty Life: 

Summer flowers - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

I spent a good chunk of last weekend indoors (See: Things introvert dream about), but did check a bit of summertime shopping off my list at Marshalls.

You know how sometimes stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Winners (Canada's TJ Maxx) can be really hit or miss?

Well, this was a TOTAL hit for me!

I walked out with a refreshed summer wardrobe, a few household needs (here's looking at you, new velvet hangers) and a couple cute mugs to boot!

Here are a couple of the pieces I picked up:

Tropical Floral Print top - Marshalls fitting room looks  - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Rose + Olive Floral Print Tank (Marshall's - similar), AE Jeans, Mossimo Scrunch Flats
Blush tee shirt - Marshalls fitting room looks  - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Blush Tee (Marshalls - similar,), AE Jeans, Mossimo Scrunch Flats
Blue and white Dress - Marshalls fitting room looks  - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Blue Floral Dress (Marshalls - similar)
Neon Pink Top - Marshalls fitting room looks  - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Hot Pink Tank (Marshalls - similar color), AE Jeans, Mossimo Scrunch Flats
Outside of my shopping success, I ordered a pizza, snuggled up on the couch, and watched a couple of movies.

I love classic Hollywood films so I finally checked Royal Wedding off my movie-watching list. (That famous scene of Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling? This movie is where that's from!)

Then, really, what's a warm June night without watching The Notebook? :) 

Downtown Toronto at sunset  - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Downtown Toronto at Sunset
As far as the rest of life, here's a quick rundown:

Reading: Flappers and Philosophers

I'm pretty much a sucker for anything 20th century-related. I read Bernice Bobs her Hair and just fell in love! So I'm giving this collection of short stories a go. I really didn't appreciate F. Scott Fitzgerald's talent until this collection. I'm hooked!

Listening: Miley Cyrus - Malibu

That stripped down, romantic sound reminds me what I loved about her voice in the first place :)

Working on: Cleaning up my Pinterest

My life doesn't feel complete if I'm not working on some type of personal project. Whether that's organizing, creating, or editing something, I like working toward types of goals.

So, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I decided it was time to narrow down my over 9k pins (insane - I know!) It was a ton of work but I'm now down to just about 2k pins and a much more organized page :).

Looking forward to: My first Canada Day

How cool is it that our first Canada Day is also the country's 150th anniversary?! I'm pretty pumped to wear red and sit in a Muskoka chair, eh! :)

Downtown Toronto at Night - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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