Monday, June 19, 2017

Tori's Pretty Nails - Reece and Binx

Zoya Reece - Summer Nail Art 2017 - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Zoya Binx, Zoya Reece, What's Up Nails Chevron Tape
It's just another Mani Monday ("ohh,woahhh. I wish it were a Sunday...")

How was your weekend? What sorts of fun did you get into?

My parents came to Toronto for their first-ever Canadian visit! Woot, woot!

We had a great time, and I hope I've helped change their mind that Canada isn't just a place full of cold weather and maple syrup (even though we totally enjoyed some of the latter!)

Now that we're full fledged into June, I'm digging into my summer polish stash and came out with these two unworn beauties.

Zoya Binx, Zoya Reece 
Remember how I wore just a solid hot pink mani last week?

Well, originally I wanted to wear this same design with a gold glitter. But that art just got wayyy too messy, wayyy too quickly. So I scrapped the idea and gave it another attempt this week.

What a pretty success!

Major kudos to my favorite What's Up Nails chevron tape for making this a much easier mani to accomplish on round two :).

If you haven't checked out What's Up Nails, or nail vinyls in general, I highly recommend them. These great little tools make straight lines, chevrons, and detailed art (think palm trees, hearts, and four-leaf clovers) SO much easier to achieve!

Plus, there are a ton of combinations you re-create this look with. Peach and gold, cobalt and silver, lilac and rose gold - the combinations for this simple and pretty mani are endless.

Zoya Reece and Zoya Binx - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Zoya Binx, Zoya Reece 
Now, let's talk about how I foolishly let Reece sit and gather dust in my collection for so long! This shade came out a touch darker on my nails than you see in the bottle - but I totally dig that. Would you look at that gold to magenta duo-chrome?! Gorgeous!

Binx was even more impressive. All of those holographic and gold glitters just scream summer. What you see are three coats on my ring finger and just one thick coat over Reece on my middle. If you're in the market for an eye-catching summer shade, Binx is it!

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