Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tori's Pretty Life - "The Summer Wind Came Blowing in from Across the Sea"

Downtown Toronto in Summertime - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

I have so little to tell you today.

After months and months of such a go-go-go life, last week was truly just a normal, run of the mill kind of week.

And you know what? It was wonderful :).

I worked. I blogged. I ate yummy dinners. I went to sleep at a normal hour.

Life is good! 

I mean, I did do a few things out of the ordinary, though.

Want to know what they were? Just keep reading...

This Week's Pretty Life:

The Second City Toronto - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Second City Downtown Toronto - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Second City - Downtown Toronto
Okay. Truth be told, we didn't quite go to a Second City show this past last week. We did go the week we got engaged, but on top of all that wonderful news, I forgot to tell you about it!

So, with this week as quiet as any, I thought now would be a good time to add this tidbit in :).

A couple of B's friends were visiting the GTA earlier this month and invited us out to a Second City show.

Second City was a major item on my Toronto to-do list so heck yeah - I was so in! 

This famous improv show lived up to every bit of hype. The players were fantastic, the satire was on point, and we couldn't stop belly laughing the entire time. We had a blast!

I will, without question, see another Second City show anytime :). 

Downtown Toronto Summertime Fog - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

I'm going throw you a quick softball topic because I have to talk about the weather for a minute. Based on our research, we knew that moving here meant cooler summers (a.k.a. the kind of summers I dream about!)

Gone would be the days of 90 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course) and we'd say hello to wonderful mild days that range from the mid 70's to the mid 80's.

And yes, while that's true, no amount of research could prepare us for how quickly it changes!

Take the fog you see above. This day started out sunny and warm, rolled into a thick fog, down poured for two hours, and then cooled off 10 degrees by early afternoon.

There are so many days like that!

As a gal used to my rain and sun with a little less of a daily power struggle, this is taking a bit to get used to. Nonetheless? It sure makes each day an exciting weather adventure lol!

Downtown Toronto Summertime Fog - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

As for the rest of the week, B and I helped one of my friends move early last Saturday morning.

What would have taken her a few hours (and a few pricey Ubers!) ended up taking one hour flat between the three of us. Woot woot! I had such a Helper's High for the rest of the day for giving a hand :).

Speaking of hands, afterwards we went and scooped up my ring from being re-sized. I can't wait to show it to my friends and family when I visit New York next week!

This Week's Pretty Stats: 

As for other life stuff? Here's the usual rundown:


Are you sick of seeing Flappers & Philosophers on this list?

Le sigh, what can I say? I'm a slow reader that's more easily distracted by the latest blog posts. (Insert shoulder shrug emoji here.)


I'm seriously going through Glow withdrawals. At least I still have the perfectly 80's Glow soundtrack on Spotify to get me through!

In the meantime, Nashville still keeps me company. (I'm still so intrigued at how they're keeping the story going without Rayna!) I'm also giving The Bold Type a go. A young and ambitious writer, living and working in New York? I can't think of a show that's! I really liked the first episode, so I'm hopeful.

Listening To

Ohhhh, Demi! Sorry Not Sorry is PERFECT for giving me all those badass feels and pushing me right through the tired in my afternoon workout :).

Working On 

Another week and another inch deeper into my new journey with minimalism. I'm continuing to sort through my nail polish and you want to know what I noticed? I'm a sucker for anything labelled limited edition, even when I don't love it.

Case in point? I'm seeing that a good portion of the polishes I don't want to keep anymore came from collections that I felt very meh about to begin with.

 Maybe it was fomo? Maybe it was an impulse buy? Maybe both? All in all, it kind of sucks to see that I threw money away like that.

Yet, we can only grow by recognizing our faults, right? So here I am, recognizing a fault. Now I'll try to do better going forward :).

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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