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Tori's Pretty Noms - Simple Summer Salad Recipe

The Eats: 

Simple Summer Salad Recipe - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Simple Summer Salad
I don't know about you but I love a good salad.

My sweet tooth is one of epic proportion. Thankfully, though, that always included sweeter veggies too, like tomatoes and bell peppers. (My parents used to joke that I would eat tomatoes from our garden like people eat apples!)

I still enjoy a good fresh-off-the-vine tomato on occasion but that love completely evolved into a deeper love of salads overall.

I mean, of course, salads are something we're supposed to eat because they're so full of nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need on the regular.

You know what though? They're also pretty cost-effective.

It's wayyyyy cheaper to chop a few veggies, throw it all in a bowl, and pack it for lunch than to spend double or triple that price for something on-the-go (and that's not including the gas money or extra time you spent on your lunch break to get there!)

The one down side to salads? They can be a total snooze fest.

How many times can you eat bland romaine, shredded carrots, and a couple cherry tomatoes before you want to drown 'em in dressing?! (Answer: Probably zero...)

So I make it a point to fill my salads only with veggies and healthy fats that I really, really love.

If that means skipping the lettuce one week? Then let's fill that void with peppers. If I'm under the weather and need something more substantial? I bulk things up with chickpeas.

Doing this lets me keep the dressing to a minimum - because when I actually enjoy what I'm eating to begin with, then I don't want to cover it up!

I also try to change up my salad mix every month or so to avoid that salad boredom.

So here's what I'm eating this month...

Simple Summer Salad Recipe - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

The Deets: 

Simple Summer Salad Recipe - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Simple Summer Salad

- 1 large bowl and cover (a lid or plastic wrap works)
- 1 8 - 12 oz bag of a kale and cabbage mix (or use any dark leafy greens you like) 
- 1 pint of Cherry tomatoes, halved
- 4 mini English cucumbers, chopped (If you can't find the mini version, 1 large English or greenhouse cucumber also works
- Roughly 20 pitted Kalamata olives (Unpitted or pre-chopped kalamatas work too
- 7-10 Pepperoncini peppers, rinsed 
- Your favorite salad dressing (I love the Pear & Blue Cheese vinaigrette shown above)

Start by rinsing and chopping your veggies. Then dump the whole bag of your greens into the bowl. Add in the rest of the veggies and cover your bowl either with a lid or plastic wrap. Shake, shake, and shake some more until all of your veggies are mixed. Add 1/5th to a salad bowl and top with 1 tbsp of your favorite dressing. Enjoy!

This recipe usually splits out into five hearty lunch salads. I usually pair this salad with a piece of fruit and a Greek yogurt. 

Happy eating! :) 

Simple Summer Salad Recipe - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

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