Monday, August 14, 2017

Tori's Pretty Nails - Signature Smile

Essie Signature Smile - Negative space summer mani - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Pink Shade: Essie Signature Smile || Gold Shade: Zoya Ziv ||
Negative space created withWhat's Up Nails Chevron Vinyls

Sometimes, I paint with you in mind. 

For this mani, I wanted to use polishes that you could totally get your hands on (or probably even have something similar to, already!

I also wanted to create art that was easy to achieve with glamorous results. I like to think I accomplished both goals :).

I'm such a fan of a negative space, chevron mani (see: here and here.) They're so simple, trendy, and just look freakin' cool

I used two chevron vinyls on my ring finger and one chevron vinyl on my pinkie. I painted over them with the pink, removed the vinyls, and then outlined the negative space with a detail brush and gold polish. 

Zoya Ziv - Negative space summer mani - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
I really enjoy the Essie Gel Couture line. I use both Signature Smile and Pre-Show Jitters all. the. time. They're a great long-wearing formula with a beautiful (and expanding!) color range.

Zoya's Ziv usually sits in a bin I save for Christmas colors. (Yes, I have a polish bin dedicated to the Christmas season...) But I find it to be a pretty shade and nice formula that's great year-round.

Essie Signature Smile - Zoya Ziv - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
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