Friday, August 18, 2017

Tori's Pretty Noms - 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

The Eats:

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower Review - Tori's Pretty Noms - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Happy Friday!

Or should I say Fri-Yay, being that come 5 pm I am officially on vacation? (Woot woot!)

Before I head off on my European travels though, I wanted to share a few thoughts about a local Toronto eatery. 

Do you see that beautiful dish of salmon over a medley of yummy veggies? Would you believe it's from a restaurant that might easily be overlooked as a tourist trap?

I was so pleasantly surprised at 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower during our recent summer outing.

Of course, the view we enjoyed while dining was absolutely incredible. Walking into this dinner, I assumed those great views meant that the food would be overpriced and mediocre. With those sky-high views, you're certain to bring in a crowd. 

I have to tell you, though, that I was most certainly wrong

Our four-person group each chose the two-course prixe fixe meal, with two people choosing appetizers + entree and two choosing entree + desserts so we could do a bit of sharing. While the prices were a little steep, the quality matched the price tag. 

There wasn't a bad dish on the table! Both my Atlantic Salmon Fillet and the Banana and Toffee Verrine were cooked nicely, seasoned well, and just plain yummy :) 

The Deets:

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower Review - Tori's Pretty Noms - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Earlier this summer, my parents came for a weekend visit. B and I wanted to give them the CN Tower experience without the CN Tower two-hour wait. (Seriously, give yourself plentyyyyy of time when visiting or go at an off-peak hour!

I secured a last-minute dinner reservation to 360 Restaurant so we could experience the skyline view from the comfort of a table. 

You know what, though? Our 4:30 pm dinner reservation ended up being perfect! 

We were eating our meals right around 5:15 pm, wrapped up when the 6:30 pm dinner rush began, and experienced those beautiful sights with clear views in plenty of soft daylight. 

The 360 Restaurant rotates slowly around the tower, making a full rotation every 72 minutes. We loved that the view moved slow enough to enjoy each moment (and not get dizzy!) but noticeable enough that I always had my camera ready :).

If you're looking for quality food and unbeatable views then 360 Restaurant is a worthy contender!

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