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Tori's Pretty Week - Out with July, in With August

July 27 - August 2, 2020

Amazon Sundress
FitBit Band: Exact || Sandals: Exact

Coral Leopard Mani
Coral Summer Leopard Nail Art
Coral Shade: Exact, Another well-loved Option || Black Shade: Exact || 
Shimmery Champagne Shade: Exact, Similar || Dotting tool to create the look: Exact Set
Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option 

Classic White Tank Three Ways
Classic White Tank Three Ways
White Tank: Exact || Earrings: Gift from my mom, Similar || Jeans: Exact || 
Bracelet: Gift from a girlfriend, Similar || FitBit Band: Exact || Heels: Old, Similar 

Classic White Tank Three Ways
 White Tank: Exact || Earrings: Exact || Shorts: Exact || 
Knot Bracelet: Gift from a girlfriend, Similar || Bow Bracelet: Old 
|| FitBit Band: Exact || Sandals: Exact 

Classic White Tank Three Ways
White Tank: Exact || Kimono: Old, Similar, Similar || Earrings: Exact || Jeans: Exact || 
Bracelet: Old, Similar || FitBit Band: Exact || Sandals: Exact

It's Week number 2 and I'm still here! I had a lot of fun writing last week's post so let's keep the fun rolling 😀

I mean, fun is what blogging should be all about, right? 

I think I know that's what happened last time. I was putting a ton of pressure on myself the last go-round. I was trying to be this perfect blogger, who posted perfect posts, with perfect consistency, and perfect photos. 

You know that saying about assuming? There should be one about perfection, and how all of that pressure just ends up creating a perfect mess that sucks all of the fun right out of things! 

("When you try to be perfect you end of F-ing the Per-pose"? lol
 I don't know lol. Leave your thoughts on what that phrase could be in the comments!)

Anyway, taking the pressure off and just writing when it's fun is going to be my goal this time around. Because would I even be my Type-A gal self without some kind of a goal? 😆

So let’s jump in and talk about this week.

What I’m Buying

I've finally accepted that after 3 and 1/2 years of working from home, I need to invest in a quality office chair. My lower back has been killing me lately and I have a sneaking suspicion that my chair could be aiding and abetting. 

The chair I currently use is very pretty but has zero back support - and frankly is supposed to be a patio/accent chair LOL! But it was (and still is) cute and I just wasn't thinking long-term when I bought it in 2017. So now I'm researching to figure out the right investment. 

Do you have an office chair that's both supportive and aesthetically pleasing? Let me know your recommendations in the comments! 

I'm also looking to upgrade my work & play office space by scooping up this and this to really brighten up the desk aesthetic.

N Sale Thoughts 

My excitement for the N Sale continues to build, but my feelings are mixed when I see the content out there this year. 

On the one hand, it sucks to learn that so much of this sale and content is about potentially gaming the system and being part of the Buy Now, Make Commission, Return Later crowd. Especially during a pandemic when there are so many who don't have an income, let alone a disposable income, to shop as heavily this year as in year's past. 

At the same time, I always end up learning about great wardrobe staples that I personally get a lot of use out of year after year. So I'm not upset about all of the outfit inspiration this sale creates every year, that I can borrow from and shop through for years to come. 

I also don't hate the hustle. It's hard creating your own business and if there's one thing this year taught me is how crucial it is to find a common ground among different perspectives, different paths traveled, and opinions.  

So what I take away from this sale is this - a greater clarity on my own ethics. What that looks like is this. 

Anything that you see me buy, N Sale or otherwise, is something I intend to wear and will probably wear over and over again (unless I just make a shopping fail and that's what back of closets or ThreadUp are for lol.)

I have no interest in being a model and lean more toward a retail-therapy mindset, in general. So I share what I shop and I shop because I just like to! (#Girl'sGirl). It's really special to be a small part of a community of women who just want to share their love for everyday fashion as much as I do 😀. 

So all of that said, I'm still eyeing up thisthisthisthis, and this when I can shop the N Sale on August 13th. I also added this, this, and this to my wishlist too! 

What I recently bought

I decided to go for it and get this white blazer that I mentioned last week and I LOVE IT!!! It's a soft, ponte fabric that has enough structure to feel like a blazer should, but is soft enough and cut casually enough where I won't feel like I should be walking into a boardroom instead of onto a brunch patio. I was so worried that I'd be disappointed because I'm so picky about blazers. But this was a happy success that I can't wait to wear!

Speaking of disappointed though, these were sadly a fail. The quality was nice but, frankly, I feel like my hips and this cut just didn't give me that chic 70's vibe I was looking for. I wanted so much for these to work so this was such a bummer.

A good friend of mine wrote me a letter and I thought it was the nicest thing! I love getting mail - especially when it's not just junk or coupons lol. So I bought this stationary set and wrote her a letter back. Then I decided to write a letter to an elderly family member and writing both letters made me so happy!

This Week's Seasonal Celebrations

I celebrated ending July and starting August by:

* The last wear of my July seasonal lip shade, Hot Pink (I really enjoy this shade)✔️
* Celebrated National Lipstick Day - July 29th ✔️
* Put up new Printable office decor for August ✔️
* Listen to my Summer playlist ✔️
* Celebrated Girlfriend's Day - August 1st ✔️
* Painted a weekly, seasonal mani (My August shade is Fuschia) ✔️
* Burned a summer-scented candle ✔️

Reading Right Now

I'm still chugging along with the The Happiness Project and still really enjoying it!

I'm reading this book much slower than I usually do. Part because there are a lot of takeaways that I want to really sink in, and part because it's not as much of a mental escape as the historical fictions I usually gravitate toward. 

Nonetheless, I continue to feel inspired as I read and add a new items to my to-do list with each chapter.

Watching Right Now

I'm a sucker for classic films and so I get so excited when August rolls around for TCM's Summer Under the Stars!

But I had a couple of films sitting on the DVR from earlier in the year before I start enjoying this year's films. (I have a bad habit of recording 234 movies and then never getting around to watching them - whoops! lol)

So I finally watched The Apartment and The Jazz Singer, both I recorded during TCM's 31 Days of Oscar.

I LOVED The Apartment! It was interesting and captured my attention the whole way through. Shirley McClaine was wonderful and I can see why this ended up being a career-changing role for Jack Lemmon.

The Jazz Singer...meh. I'm glad I watched it for it's historical significance as the first talking film, but I won't be upset if I never watch it again. The blackface is appalling and, even without that blatant racism, the story is weak.

Loving Right Now

I'm truly loving this summer weather! I'm a fall/winter girl at heart and usually can't wait for the cool weather to get here fast enough. But because our outings look so different this year, I really appreciate that the warm weather is giving B and I the chance to enjoy Chicago a bit more. 

I know when the colder days come, our date nights are going to have to end. We're just not comfortable eating or exploring indoors right now. So we'll be really limited on where we can safely explore during those longer winter months. 

This means that I'm trying to soak up as much sunshine, patio season, and outdoor time as possible while we can! 

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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