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When You're Ready for Fall but It's Still August || Tori's Pretty Week

 August 17 - August 30, 2020

Pre-Fall Outfit Inspo 2020 - Tori's Pretty Things
|| Cardigan: Exact || Sweater: Exact || Earrings: Exact ||
|| Leggings: Exact || Booties: Exact, Similar ||

Pre-Fall Nail Art Inspo 2020 - Tori's Pretty Things
|| Redish Pink Shade: Old - Similar, Similar, Similar || 
|| Light Yellow Shade: Exact || Dark Yellow Shade: Exact || 
|| Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option ||

Chicago Riverwalk 2020  - Tori's Pretty Things
|| Chicago Riverwalk ||

Pre Fall 2020 Outfit Inspo - Tori's Pretty Things
|| Top: Sold Out, Similar, More Affordable || Earrings: Exact ||
|| FitBit Band: Exact || Bracelet: Old, Similar || Jeans: Exact || 
|| Loafers: Painful, I can't recommend them! - Better version, Another Better version || 

Pre-Fall Tie Dye Nail Art Inspo 2020 - Tori's Pretty Things

|| Blue Shade: Exact || Hot Pink Shade: Exact || Mint Shade: Exact ||
|| Coral Shade: Exact || Purple Shade: Exact || White Base: Exact ||
|| Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option ||

Pre Fall 2020 Outfit Inspo - Tori's Pretty Things
|| Sunglasses: Exact || Tee: Sold Out, Also have and Love this! || 
|| Mug: Super Similar, Similar || Jeans: Exact || Loafers: Exact ||


I'm back from vacation! I'm feeling rested, relaxed, and recuperating from a bit of sunburn lol. (It's been so long since I've spent that much time in the sunshine, I forgot just how much sun protection I need!)

A huge part of me was worried that the relaxation from the trip wouldn't outweigh the added stress of travelling during corona virus. I was 100% wrong. 

B and I took a lot of extra precautions to help our trip go as smooth and safe as possible. Some of these include flying Delta since they're still keeping the middle seat free, taking private transport to and from the hotel, wearing N95 masks during all 12 hours of transit, etc.

Our own precautions combined with the general safety precautions at airports and on Delta airlines right now really helped me to feel like our risk was low.

So we were able to really relax and just chill for a beautiful seven days in the Caribbean. 

I'll be sharing photos and more about our trip in next week's blog post. So for now, let's get into the recap...

What I’m Buying

Since I was away on vacation all week, not a ton ended up in my shopping cart!

I ended up finishing this book, so I added this one to my Kindle cart (more about these below). Ever since I read a biographer about her, I also had my eye on this for the last 3 years. So I decided I would finally scoop up a copy to read this Fall.

I was #influenced during our time away and impulse bought this. I'm not mad at my impulse buy though - it looks really cute and I can never have enough of these anyway lol. 

What I Recently Bought

Another way we added safety precautions to our trip was by packing light and only using carry ons. We felt this would limit our time in the airport and avoid the baggage-claim crowds. 

The challenge was finding travel size versions of beach vacation staples. (Hence the sunburn - it's hard to bring enough travel sunscreen lol.

Earlier in the month, I scooped up thisthisthisthis, and this for the trip. 

These ended up working out really great! We've been using cloth masks at home (homemade by yours truly) but these were far more comfortable.

This ended up being really nice too! We were worried we'd run out though, so we ended up buying a bottle of this at the resort. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately?) we ended up using 90% of it up and left it at the resort since it's not carry-on friendly. 

We didn't end up using 99% of these so I wouldn't recommend picking them up for travel-specific purposes. As soon as we boarded our Delta flights, flight attendants handed us a disposable wipe so bringing my own weren't really necessary.

However, these were a godsend!!! I'm one of those people genetically predisposed to more mosquito bites (Thank you, 23 and Me for proving what I always felt!!) so it would have been a very different trip if I wasn't prepared with these.

I also brought this and this at the last minute. I really enjoyed the way both helped maintain the color and texture of my hair when up against salt water and chlorine!

This Week's Seasonal Celebrations

I celebrated August by:

*Wear my August seasonal lip shade, Coral
(Love this and this shade but I was 95% makeup free all week.)
*Organize my Workspace ✔️
*National Dog Day - Aug 26th
(I planned to remember the dogs of my childhood but it slipped my mind during vacation.)
*Listen to my Summer Playlist ✔️
 Painted a weekly, seasonal mani  ✔️
* Burned a summer-scented candle ✔️
(I'm still burning this and it smells SO good!)

Reading Right Now

I finished this on vacation and it was exactly the light read I needed! The humor got a little dark at times (I'm not a fan of subtle eating disorder jokes) but for the most part it was hilarious and maybe even hit a little too close to home lol.

Afterwards, I decided now was the time to check this off my GoodReads list. Somehow this never came up in my school curriculum and I can't think of a better time than now to read one of the all-time greatest American novels. 

Watching Right Now

OMG - that RHOBH finale! 

There's been a lot of hate for Lisa Rinna but can I just say that I'm Team Rinna all the way! It's been so overlooked that the whole reason for the Denise-Rinna breakdown was that Denise was talking crap about Rinna (and all of the other ladies!) to Brandi behind their backs. I can't blame Rinna for not wanting to back a "friend" who broke her trust in the first place. #EndRant

I'm excited to see all the dram go down in the RHOBH 3 part reunion, as well as watch the RHONY reunion. 

Now that we're back from vacation, I'm also going to continue to make my way through my 50 Summer Under the Stars DVR'd classics.

Loving Right Now

I'm loving being able to collect nail polish again, now that we're living stateside! Nail polish is more accessible here and I'm excited to add some new and interesting fall shades to my collection. 

It'll actually be 10 years this December since I started to collect! So wild!

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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