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Do Your Holidays Feel Fast? || Tori's Pretty Week

December 2020

|| Cardigan: Exact ||
|| Blouse: Sold Out, Other Prints ||
|| Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: This Year's Version ||

|| Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - December 2015 ||

|| Sweater: Exact ||
|| Scarf: Last Year, Similar ||
|| Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: Sold Out, Similar and also love! ||
|| Lipstick: Exact ||

|| Rose Gold Polish - Exact || 
|| Darkest Burgundy Polish - Sold Out, Similar ||
|| Dark Red Polish - Exact ||
|| Top Coat - Exact ||
|| Base Coat - Exact ||

|| Top: Bought on Thread Up - Same but Different Color, Different Color ||
|| Lace Cami: Exact, Similar ||
|| Leggings: Exact ||
|| Slippers: Exact ||

 || John Hancock Tower & Water Tower Place - November 2020 ||


We're in full swing of the Holiday season and I have no idea why I thought this year might be slower than years past lol. 

This year certainly feels just as full and busy, with so many new-to-us Chicago holiday experiences to have, gifts to buy, holiday cards to send, and - of course - Cookies to bake and eat! 

We already enjoyed a nighttime stroll of The Magnificent Mile and the Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We're plan to visit the Millennium Park Tree soon and catch the Art on the Mart too. 

I'm tired and so, so thankful for this kind of tired. After the very challenging 2020 that we've all had, I'm so thankful to have a full holiday season that doesn't feel much different in my heart. 

So let's jump into last week's recap and some of what I've been enjoying..

What I Bought

I reeled in my shopping a bit last week and only took advantage of one Cyber Monday sale! I could resist scooping up a Christmas plaid top and trying a pair of highly-rated jeans from J Crew.

Outside of that, I bought incredibly un-fun things like this, this, this and this. I mean that's real life, right lol?

Last Week's Buys - Yay or Nay?

Some of my Black Friday orders came in and it's a bit of a mixed bag - quite literally LOL.

It's been years and years since I last shopped at Express so I was completely unsure of sizing. The bad news is that every pair of pants I ordered were too big. The good news is that it's always an ego boost when you need to size down 😂. So I'm exchanging all three pairs (thisthis, and these) and will keep you posted!

Old Navy:
I loved 90% of what I scooped up here. This is Ka-UTE and cozy - perfect for leggings! These and these fit so nicely and are winners! These were really cute but I accidentally bought a mid rise. I don't know about you, but I don't miss constantly pulling up my mid rise jeans and they slide down my hips all day. So these are going back lol. 

These came in and they're perfect! They're more of a camel brown than a dark brown. That's a very happy accident in my book because that's exactly what I wanted!

Weekly Seasonal Celebrations

Burn a holiday candle ✔️
(I''m such a fan of  this one!)

Weekly wear my December lip shade, True Red ✔️
(My favorite lipstick shade of all time - true Red! Last week I wore this one.)

Listen to my 2020 Christmas Playlist ✔️

Paint a weekly, seasonal mani ✔️

Celebrate my Birthday - Dec. 2nd ✔️

Watch the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting ✔️

My Godmother's Birthday - Dec. 4th ✔️

Watch a Christmas Movie ✔️

Finish Christmas Shopping ✔️

Reading Right Now

I'm still very slowly reading this. I can't tell if life is just too hectic right now to dig into reading or if I'm not in love with the plot. I'm still only 20% into the book so I've really got to give it a better chance! Maybe I'll do some reading by the Christmas tree this weekend?

Watching Right Now

I wanted to watch the Christmas Chronicles all last holiday season but, given that we were smack in the middle of moving back to the States, I suffice to say didn't have a chance lol. 

So I finally check it off my list this past weekend. It was really cute! There were definitely parts where I thought, "Okay, this is a little over the top, even for a very clearly Christmas fantasy film." 😂 All in all though, I enjoyed it and am glad I watched it. 

As for TV, I'm FLOORED by The Masked Singer! Can we talk about how much I adore Tori Kelly  and had NO IDEA she was the Seahorse????

Seahorse has been one of my favorite singers this whole season.... and it turns out that it's one of my favorite singers in real life anyway! I mean, I talked all about her holiday album last week and how much I love her, yet somehow I couldn't pick out her voice. So wild!

She did phenomenal and I'm really excited for the finale this week. 

Listening to Right Now

Part 2 of what on my Christmas playlist this year: 

I just cannot stop playing Leslie Odom Jr.'s new holiday single, Snow! First, it reminds me so much of Paul McCartney's classic holiday hit, Wonderful Christmastime. So you know that it's already destined to sound good. 

With Leslie's incredible voice, that uptempo beat, and that catch hook? "I just want to be where the love is, I just want to be where the love is" ♯ 

It's my favorite new holiday song for 2020 - THERE. I SAID IT! 

Then I'm loving this song because It's such a fun and rarely covered holiday song. Plus. I love supporting a local Jersey Girl and her lovely voice!

Also this song because is it even a Christmas playlist if it doesn't include the Pentatonix?!

Stay tuned for Pt. 3 next week...

Enjoying Right Now


I've been going down these incredibly relaxing and entertaining TikTok rabbit holes that are full of Ice Cream Cake makers, Dog Groomers, Calligraphy Sign Makers, and Home Renovators. I'm equally relaxed and inspired all at the same time lol. 

Let me know in the comments if there's anyone you follow that's worth checking out!

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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