About Me

Well, Hello! 

Welcome to Tori's Pretty Things - My little corner of the internet for nails, fashion, beauty and more. 

What you'll find?

A permanent home for my never-ending needs to create and be creative. I love nail art. And fashion. And makeup. And baking (most of the time). And cooking (some of the time). And seasons. And holidays. And bright colors. And all things vintage. And adventures, both near and far.  

Being highly organized keeps me calm. Being creative keeps me sane. Being kind keeps me humble. Being bubbly keeps me optimistic. Being honest, with strong values and beliefs, keeps me tough. Being in love for over three years keeps me soft. Being the me-est me I can be is my truth. 

By day, I'm a relationship management professional. I'm one of those rare breeds with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies (Go RU!) who thought that one day, I too, could save the world...

While my great plans for heroism didn't quite turn out as expected, I remain unwavering in my deep-seated need to leave a positive impact along my path and to always do work that I'm proud of.

What you won't find? 

Malice. Apathy. Deceit. Pushing products for the sake of pushing products. Half-assed anything. A lack of enthusiastic punctuation. 

So pull up a chair, grab a cozy blanket and stay for a while. Read a few posts and then read a few more. If you like what you see, click on an ad once in a while to keep a gal writing.

I'm so happy you stopped by! 

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