Friday, May 19, 2017

Tori's Pretty Weekly Wrapping - Beauty in the Blooms

Toronto Sign - Toronto, Ontario - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Toronto Sign - Toronto, Ontario 
Happy Friday! How was your week? More importantly, what's in store for your weekend? :)

This week, I was a woman on a mission - packing, planning, and root canal-ing before a four-day weekend trip.

That  root canal? Thankfully, it was NBD!

The process was fairly quick and totally painless. I did feel like I took a punch to the face for about a day afterwards (even though, I really have no idea what a punch to the face feels like...). After that, it's been smooth sailing.

I'm pre-writing this post because as you're reading this, I'm most likely sweating my face off as I traverse Washington, D.C. and sightsee with my older brother and B.

Ya know, no matter how many times I visit D.C., it just never looses it's allure! I feel really lucky to travel as much as I do :).

As for the rest of my week? Well, just keep on scrolling!

This Week's Pretty Nails: 

Smooshy Nail Art - Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Original Shade - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (current version), Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver (similar), OPI Planks a Lot (similar)
So, there's this technique in the nail world called Smooshy nails.

The whole concept is taking blobs of polish (I know, such technical names...), placing them on some sort of plastic surface such as a sandwich bag, cling wrap, or a jelly stamper, and then "smooshing" the blobs onto your nail to see what comes out.

I am so proud of this attempt! #NailWin!

Smooshy Nail Art - OPI Planks a Lot - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (current version), Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver (similar), OPI Planks a Lot (similar)
I tried this technique about three years ago, hated my results, and swore off the technique.  But after recieving a stamper this past Christmas, I thought I'd give it another go :).

I don't know if it was the stamper or just three more years of nail art confidence that made the process easier. What I do know is that a gal just can't give up after one try! Practice really does make perfect... or least practice makes it prettier :).

Smooshy Nail Art - Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (current version), Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver (similar), OPI Planks a Lot (similar)
I have to apologize for the color of these photos, though. I couldn't fix the white balance for the life of me! So in real life, each shade is softer and a little bolder than in these photos.

It's been way too long since I busted out the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue - now I remember why it has such a cult following! I'm already daydreaming of how to use it for my Fourth of July mani :).

As for My Lifesaver? Meh. The shade is beautiful but the polish is kind of difficult to work with and the brush in my bottle is pretty wonky.

Planks A Lot, though, is such a beautiful soft purple shade! I don't have anything in my collection like it. (And with 60 other purples shades.. that's saying something!) So if you can still find it, I recommend it.

This Week's Pretty Outfit:

Spring Utility Jacket Outfit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Jacket, Tee (very old - love these tees!), Jeans, Flats, Phone Case
I didn't realize how different it would be to shop for clothes in Canada than in the States.

True, there are many of the same stores. Yet, my usual go-to's (Charlotte Russe, Kohl's, and Target) aren't nearly as accessible while I'm across the border.

So a few weeks back, I took a stroll through H&M. I didn't love their clothes about six years ago and haven't really tried them since.

Spring Light Army Jacket Outfit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Wearing: Jacket, Tee (very old - love these tees!), Jeans, Flats, Phone Case

But you know, I am so glad their window displays lured me in! I walked out of there with some major staples that I was hunting for, like this flutter sleeve blouse, a loose pink sweater, and this perfect utility jacket.

We're not even out of May and I've already work this jacket half a dozen times. So lesson learned? Stepping out of your fashion comfort zone can really up your game!

This Week's Pretty Noms: 

Smoque and Bones - Toronto Eats - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Smoque N' Bones - Toronto, Ontario
Oh my goodness - would you just look at how perfect this Barbecue is?!

I'm a sucker for well-smoked, barbecue meats (blame it those constant family vacations to the South as a kid.) Finally, thanks to the introduction from a few great new friends, B and I found a new favorite Barbecue spot!

I can't even tell you how worthwhile it was to make this feast my cheat meal for the week. I am successfully 12 lbs down (woot, woot!) but a little barbecue indulgence just totally hit the spot.

This Week's Pretty Life:

Speaking of those great new friends, before our barbecue feast we explored another Toronto park. Say hello to Trinity Bellwoods park - a gorgeous little city escape full of beautiful trees and picnic tables :).

The four of us literally stood for about 15 minutes just to photograph and smell this tree! haha

I was always told it's so hard to make friends as an adult. So I feel really lucky that we're making some great connections and building a little Toronto tribe :). 

Trinity Bellwoods Park - Spring 2017 - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Trinity Bellwoods Park - Toronto
Photo Credit: Sophie
Aside from our strolling and eating, B and I also checked off engagement ring window shopping  from our todo list this weekend.

I know - it's a big step and we're almost there!

I'm an incredibly picky woman.  Even more so when it comes to jewelry because I'm so minimal and classic about it. (Have you noticed I almost exclusively wear pearl earrings?)

So we decided it was best to pick out the ring together and then he would take the proposal from there :).

After this weekend, Consider that ring decision made!

I'm so surprised at how easy the process was, and super excited to see what B comes up with :).

Comfy Couch - Ikea Couch and budget friendly living room - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Comfy Living Room: Chair (3 years old - very similar), Couch, Throw Blanket,
Lifting table, Throw pillows (similar, similar)
On the chill side of things, I am so happy but so sad that I finished binged watching Grace and Frankie.

I'm pretty convinced that Grace is my spirit animal and that'll be me in 30 years. Officially adding this show to my all-time favorites list? Check! Now, do I really have to wait a whole year to find out what happpens next? :(

What's Next on the Agenda?

Lincoln Memorial - Circa 2009 - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Lincoln Memorial - Circa 2009 - Washington, D.C.
The rest of this weekend will be full of new adventures and lots of family time :).

On Monday, I'll get to experience my first Victoria Day. (Who does love a holiday that they get to share their name with?!)

Then, it's another short week as we roll into Memorial Day Weekend and we get our first set of visitors.

These next few weeks are busy, busy, busy but I wouldn't have it any other way :).

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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