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Tori's Pretty Nails - Fiji Fling

China Glaze Fiji Fling - Mani Monday - Summer Nail Art - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
China Glaze Fiji Fling (similar), Wet N Wild French White Creme, Zoya Zuza
Well, hello and good morning!

How was your weekend? Is it just me or is this walk into Monday feeling a littleeee more like a crawl?

We'll get there, though! And you know how? With a big ole cup of coffee and another cute mani monday to perk up our spirits :). (Internet high five!)

So here's a shock - so far in 2017, I've only added one nail polish to my stash! (I know!!)

As a nail polish hoader collector, by this point in a given year I'm usually knee deep in the newest collections and eying up what the fall colors will look like.

But after the insanity of moving my polish collection across international boarders? Yeahhhhh. I think I need to focus on using and loving what I already own for a while.

For you, that means you'll get a lovely peak at some older, gorgeous shades that aren't super saturated in the nail blogosphere! Woo!

For me, that means showing a little love to the negelected beauties sitting in my polish stash.

Fiji Fling was one of those pinks that just kept sitting because, well,....I just had too many other pinks to choose from! Before the big Canadian move, though, I de-stashed a ton of polish and passed them along to a few wonderful (and very willing) gals in my life. With a few less pinks around, Fiji Fling stood out from the bunch!

This shade leans a little more coral than what my camera captured, but I love it! It's got a touch of that lit-from-within quality that you more often see in richer, darker shades. If you can find it, definitely scoop it up! If not, this more recent China Glaze release is just as good :).

With Zuza, I was 100% convinced this shade was blue. Like, "hand-to-heart", "swear on everything holy", "fly the skies and walk the seas" swear that this shade was blue...until I put on my nail.

It's like the skies opened and suddenly I could see all of that beautiful green shimmer! I literally saw this polish in a whole new light ::Insert singing angel sounds here::

Zuza's formula is wonderful and this color gives me all of those mermaid vibes. So if mermaid nails give you all the heart eyes, go scoop this polish up.

French White Creme is one third of my 3 all-time favorite white nail polishes. (Here's number two and number three, if you're wondering!)

This polish is an affordable and super opaque white that you really need in your collection. It's one of my most used and most loved polishes! (Plus, it's super, super affordable... did I mention it's affordable?)

When it comes to the art, I need to pat myself on the back for a moment. Can we just appreciate that I finally succeeded in drawing a heart on my nails?!

I know, I know. It's kind of ridiculous that this is the first heart in my mani files. But I'm going to be frank - drawing a heart was such a challenge for me!

I tried so many times. Oh my gosh, did I try! ("And I try, oh my god do I try")

It's such a simple design but the struggle was real. So, finally (FINALLY!) I succeeded in creating a heart mani. Thanks to this pin for being the nail art inspiration that helped me succeed :).

What Else?

Now I want to hear all about your Mani Monday! 

Are you more a fan of Fiji Fling or does Zuza catch your eye? What's on your nails this monday morning?

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