Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - "Who Wears Short Shorts?"


Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - "Who Wears Short Shorts?" - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Necklace: Bauble Bar (old) || Cardigan: Knox Rose (old - similar) ||  Tank: F21
Belt: American Eagle (similar) || Shorts: Charlotte Russe (last year) || Sandals: Joe Fresh (sold out)

Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - "Who Wears Short Shorts?" - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

You know what's fantastic about summer? That you can easilyyyy put together a whole outfit for under $100. Easy!

Take this look you see here. I paired closet staples, like a year-round cardi and neutral brown sandals, with fun, ripped shorts and a trendy v-neck tank.

Nothing in this outfit cost more than $35. Yet, it's still very cute and pulled together. If that isn't a win-win then I really don't know what is!


Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - Bold Summer Lips - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Brows: Loreal Stylist Definer || Tightline Liner: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl 
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous + Maybelline Falsies Push Up || Blush: Nars Orgasm
Lips: Maybelline Shocking Coral 

Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - Bold Summer Lips - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Speaking of an easy summer, I loveeee makeup looks like this!

On those days when I don't feel like skipping makeup but also don't have the energy to paint a masterpiece on my lids, this is my go-to.

Popping on a bright summer lippie, like this bold coral shade, let's me embrace both aspects of summer: enjoying all things bright and fun but also taking a slightly slower, easier path to do so.

Speaking of slower and easier paths, I am officially off enjoying a much-needed vacation! I'm dropping off the grid for a couple of weeks and totally indulging in the slower, Greek lifestyle. (Wish this Type-A gal luck! lol)

So that's all she wrote, for now, TPT readers! Enjoy the rest of your summer and I see you in September :).

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Tori's Pretty Nails - Rain Dance the Night Away

Tori's Pretty Nails - China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away - Summer Nail Art

Wearing: China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away || OPI Pale to the Chief 

In a few short hours, B and I are heading off on the Greek vacation of our lifetimes..so far, at least!

To get in the vacation spirit, I took a stab a painting these tropical leaf plant nails. I was inspired by the design on this Bath and Body Works candle that's been filling my office with summer-smell deliciousness this last month. 

Tori's Pretty Nails - OPI Pale to the Chief - Summer Nail Art

I'm hands-down thrilled with how they came out! It's been a while since I did a bit of free-hand painting and, you know what? It felt really darn good :)

While both of these shades are a touch older, with Pale to the Chief from OPI's 2016 Fall collection and Rain Dance the Night Away from a 2015 China Glaze collection, neither get enough love in my collection. So they just felt right to use to embrace those vacay vibes.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: Centre Island, Toronto

It's official, I'm on vacation! 


I still have quite a bit to tackle before we head to Greece in a couple of days (packing, itinerary planning, picking up last-minute things...

But there are so many people who'd love to have those problems, right? #GratefulPerspective :) 

While I prep for our travels this weekend, let's chat about last weekend and the Toronto adventuring we got into...

This Week's Pretty Life:

Tori's Pretty Life - The Pandas and the Toronto Zoo - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: Toronto Zoo, Toronto

I told you last week that some of B's family came for a visit. (I never know who's comfortable being a part of my blog so I'm intentionally keeping who on the vague-side!

The first item on their weekend wishlist? Go to the Zoo and see the Pandas. Count a gal in! 

The last time I remember being at a zoo was pre-school (I have one bright memory of seeing a peacock with school friends at, what I can only assume was, a zoo...). I couldn't wait to make new memories and spend a day enjoying the animals. 

The Toronto Zoo was such a massive terrain that we only covered 1/3 of the park in the three hours we were there. But you know what we made a point to see? 

They were SO cute! We saw all four pandas but above are the first two pandas born in Canada, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue, and their mama, Er Shun, taking a nap. #HeartMeltStatus

While I have little to compare it to, B said this was the best zoo he'd been to - even better than the Bronx Zoo!

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

On Sunday, we were finally able to cross off a major Toronto to-do and visit the Toronto Islands

Rhe islands were closed up until August due to spring flooding.  Since B's family really enjoys nature and we've been dying to go, we caught a midday ferry and spent a few hours escaping the city - while still in the city.

It was so beautifully surreal to walk around the manicured grounds and enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers, but to still see the CN tower poking it's little head out behind it all :). 

I can't even tell you how relaxing it was to end our afternoon laying on the soft, sandy beach and take in a little late afternoon sunshine (with the protection of SPF 45, of course). 

All in all, we had just such a great time with his fam and really look forward to seeing them again soon!

This Week's Pretty Stats:

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

As for other life stuff? Here's the usual rundown:


I downloaded two easy reads for our travels to Greece: One True Loves and The Barefoot Summer. I'm hoping they keep me company on those departing and returning plane rides. 


Okay, so the Nashville finale? SO good! I have this season's soundtrack on major repeat.

Also, who else is slowly getting hooked on The Bold Type? Ahhh, it makes me miss New York so much in such a good way. 

Listening To

Aside from the Nashville soundtrack and starting to ease into fall Jazz, Kesha's new album is fantastic! Praying? Gives me all the feels. Woman? THE best to run my little heart out to when I'm on the treadmill!

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Tori's Pretty Noms - 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

The Eats:

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower Review - Tori's Pretty Noms - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Happy Friday!

Or should I say Fri-Yay, being that come 5 pm I am officially on vacation? (Woot woot!)

Before I head off on my European travels though, I wanted to share a few thoughts about a local Toronto eatery. 

Do you see that beautiful dish of salmon over a medley of yummy veggies? Would you believe it's from a restaurant that might easily be overlooked as a tourist trap?

I was so pleasantly surprised at 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower during our recent summer outing.

Of course, the view we enjoyed while dining was absolutely incredible. Walking into this dinner, I assumed those great views meant that the food would be overpriced and mediocre. With those sky-high views, you're certain to bring in a crowd. 

I have to tell you, though, that I was most certainly wrong

Our four-person group each chose the two-course prixe fixe meal, with two people choosing appetizers + entree and two choosing entree + desserts so we could do a bit of sharing. While the prices were a little steep, the quality matched the price tag. 

There wasn't a bad dish on the table! Both my Atlantic Salmon Fillet and the Banana and Toffee Verrine were cooked nicely, seasoned well, and just plain yummy :) 

The Deets:

360 Restaurant at the CN Tower Review - Tori's Pretty Noms - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Earlier this summer, my parents came for a weekend visit. B and I wanted to give them the CN Tower experience without the CN Tower two-hour wait. (Seriously, give yourself plentyyyyy of time when visiting or go at an off-peak hour!

I secured a last-minute dinner reservation to 360 Restaurant so we could experience the skyline view from the comfort of a table. 

You know what, though? Our 4:30 pm dinner reservation ended up being perfect! 

We were eating our meals right around 5:15 pm, wrapped up when the 6:30 pm dinner rush began, and experienced those beautiful sights with clear views in plenty of soft daylight. 

The 360 Restaurant rotates slowly around the tower, making a full rotation every 72 minutes. We loved that the view moved slow enough to enjoy each moment (and not get dizzy!) but noticeable enough that I always had my camera ready :).

If you're looking for quality food and unbeatable views then 360 Restaurant is a worthy contender!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tori's Pretty Style & Beauty - A Night on the Town


Pink Tank, Black Jeans, Summer Date Night outfit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Top: Marshall's (Similar) || Bracelet: Kate Spade Bow Bracelet
Jeans: American Eagle Black Jeggings || Shoes: Mossimo Wedges (last year - similar)

Pink Tank, Black Jeans, Summer Date Night outfit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

Oh hey there, date night!

I've been on the hunt for a Vince Camuto-esque pink blouse (without the Vince Camuto-size price tag) for the last six months. I finally found it a few weeks back during my mega Marshall's shopping win!

So I thought a date night with B would be the perfect place to take this top for a spin. This top was incredibly comfortable during our dinner al fresco and really made my new blonde hair pop :). 

The MOTD: 

Bold, blue eyeshadow Makeup Look - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

EYES: Glass Slipper (Inner 1/3) || Fairy Godmother (Center lid) || Royal (Outer 1/3) 
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (crease) || A Wish (Brow bone and inner corner highlight)

Bold, blue eyeshadow Makeup Look - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

 Okay, okay, okay. I know what you're thinking:

That is a crap-ton of products for one makeup look! 

And you know what? It is. 

And sometimes, if I'm in the creative-zone and playing like I was here, then I am a-okay with it! 

When I was 15, there was a look I used to wear very similar to this. I'd take three blue eyeshadows from a Claire's palette and use a tiny brush to paint on a dark to bright blue gradient eyeliner in place of my usual thick, black liner. 

I'd add glitter to my cheeks (yes, straight jelly-form glitter...) and pop on a Bonne Bell cappuccino-flavor lipgloss. Man, did I think that was a look! 

I was feelin' all of the blues in the Sephora Cinderella Storylook palette and they brought me right back to my teenage creativity. So I decided to try again, only this time I skipped the glitter and brown lip gloss for something a little more...current :).

Bold, blue eyeshadow Makeup Look - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Tori's Pretty Nails - Signature Smile

Essie Signature Smile - Negative space summer mani - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Pink Shade: Essie Signature Smile || Gold Shade: Zoya Ziv ||
Negative space created withWhat's Up Nails Chevron Vinyls

Sometimes, I paint with you in mind. 

For this mani, I wanted to use polishes that you could totally get your hands on (or probably even have something similar to, already!

I also wanted to create art that was easy to achieve with glamorous results. I like to think I accomplished both goals :).

I'm such a fan of a negative space, chevron mani (see: here and here.) They're so simple, trendy, and just look freakin' cool

I used two chevron vinyls on my ring finger and one chevron vinyl on my pinkie. I painted over them with the pink, removed the vinyls, and then outlined the negative space with a detail brush and gold polish. 

Zoya Ziv - Negative space summer mani - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
I really enjoy the Essie Gel Couture line. I use both Signature Smile and Pre-Show Jitters all. the. time. They're a great long-wearing formula with a beautiful (and expanding!) color range.

Zoya's Ziv usually sits in a bin I save for Christmas colors. (Yes, I have a polish bin dedicated to the Christmas season...) But I find it to be a pretty shade and nice formula that's great year-round.

Essie Signature Smile - Zoya Ziv - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tori's Pretty Life - "Welcome to New York"

Chelsea, New York City, Manhattan - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: Chelsea, Manhattan, New York 

Hellooooo, weekend!

And helloooooo, to just eight days left on the countdown until B and I are off on our summer travels!

I don't know about you, but I could use a break. It's been a wonderful year full of fun and adventure but all of the above takes a lot out of a gal!

A little R&R is just what I need to refresh and then start the first of my four favorite months of the year.

This weekend, though, we're continuing our Toronto adventures as B's family is in town visiting. I'm looking forward to showing them the lay of the land (...and visiting Casa Loma for the third time :) )  

What's was last week like? Just keeping reading...

This Week's Pretty Life:

Where: Flat Iron District, Manhattan, New York

Remember that time I went to New York and then disappeared from the blog for two weeks?

Yeah...New York does that to me. 

I get so wrapped up in the energy and excitement of the city that I blow through my introvert-energy reserve and need a couple weeks to get life caught up again. 

Not for nothing, though, I had THE best time during my few days there!

Aside from working my face off (the whole reason I  traveled back to begin with), I enjoyed fun colleague bonding, great dinners with family and friends, and really took in being back in the bustling epicenter of my previous life.

I say this all the time but it's never truer. I forget just how much I love and miss New York until I'm back in it again. 

Nordstrom Canada Anniversary Sale 2017 picks - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
BP. Faux Leather Mixed Moto Leggings

Then, I couldn't help myself.

B and I beefed up our cold-weather wardrobes and shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale

If you're an avid blog reader like myself, then I know you've been knee deep in N-sale blog posts for the last three weeks. (#TrueStory.) So I really won't get too in-depth here. 

Since Nordstrom is a new brand to Canada, online shopping orders also come with lovely duties and taxes as well.  So instead, B and I did some old-fashioned store shopping and scooped up most of what you see above. 

That jacket? Ohhhhhh I cannot wait to put that on repeat!

This Week's Pretty Stats:

Tori's Pretty Life - "Welcome to New York" - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: The Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, Ontario

As for other life stuff? Here's the usual rundown:


I finally finished Flappers & Philosophers. Woohoo! Now to decide on the right read for our summer travels... Hmmmm.


Beat Shazam. Hands down. It's the first quiz show that I'm unbelievably good at! I'm convinced I need to figure out how to go on it. Plus, how can you not love Jamie Foxx? :)

Listening To

As summer winds down, my love for that smooth Jazz sound always grows and grows. So I'm really enjoying a bit of Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra lately. 

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Tori's Pretty Plans - Cafe Blu

Tori's Pretty Plans - Cafe Blu Weekly Planner Kit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Planner: Erin Condren Life Planner || Sticker Kit: Glam Planner Cafe Essentials Kit

Hello, hello! It's been a few, huh?

Life got real hectic, real fast. But I know you know how that goes. We're all human, right?

So today I'm back! And ready to share this stunning summertime spread using a Glam Planner essentials kit.

Earlier this year, Elle began offering a medium-size planner kit for gal's like me, who love her designs but need to be a little more cost conscious. #CanYouPayMyBills

(Check out the difference between her Luxe and Essentials kit in the video here.)

When I saw this artwork though, I just. couldn't. not.

Navy is one of my favorite colors. Coffee is one of my favorite things. This kit perfectly fit the bill for both!

This Week's Pretty Plans:

Tori's Pretty Plans - Cafe Blu Weekly Planner Kit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
I put this kit down in my usual way -  by highlighting chores and reminders at the top, stacking the artwork in the middle, and keeping my post-6 pm To Do list at the bottom. (Hello, workouts and dinners!

It was a perfect week to use that double full box, though.  (I'm pretty convinced that with those nails, those bracelets, and that latte, this gal is my spirit animal.

Outside of a fun game night, the rest of our weekend was full of cleaning and running errands. So it was a perfect week to fill in that extra space with this absolutely stunning artwork.

Tori's Pretty Plans - Cafe Blu Weekly Planner Kit - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
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