Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: Centre Island, Toronto

It's official, I'm on vacation! 


I still have quite a bit to tackle before we head to Greece in a couple of days (packing, itinerary planning, picking up last-minute things...

But there are so many people who'd love to have those problems, right? #GratefulPerspective :) 

While I prep for our travels this weekend, let's chat about last weekend and the Toronto adventuring we got into...

This Week's Pretty Life:

Tori's Pretty Life - The Pandas and the Toronto Zoo - Tori's Pretty Things Blog
Where: Toronto Zoo, Toronto

I told you last week that some of B's family came for a visit. (I never know who's comfortable being a part of my blog so I'm intentionally keeping who on the vague-side!

The first item on their weekend wishlist? Go to the Zoo and see the Pandas. Count a gal in! 

The last time I remember being at a zoo was pre-school (I have one bright memory of seeing a peacock with school friends at, what I can only assume was, a zoo...). I couldn't wait to make new memories and spend a day enjoying the animals. 

The Toronto Zoo was such a massive terrain that we only covered 1/3 of the park in the three hours we were there. But you know what we made a point to see? 

They were SO cute! We saw all four pandas but above are the first two pandas born in Canada, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue, and their mama, Er Shun, taking a nap. #HeartMeltStatus

While I have little to compare it to, B said this was the best zoo he'd been to - even better than the Bronx Zoo!

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

On Sunday, we were finally able to cross off a major Toronto to-do and visit the Toronto Islands

Rhe islands were closed up until August due to spring flooding.  Since B's family really enjoys nature and we've been dying to go, we caught a midday ferry and spent a few hours escaping the city - while still in the city.

It was so beautifully surreal to walk around the manicured grounds and enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers, but to still see the CN tower poking it's little head out behind it all :). 

I can't even tell you how relaxing it was to end our afternoon laying on the soft, sandy beach and take in a little late afternoon sunshine (with the protection of SPF 45, of course). 

All in all, we had just such a great time with his fam and really look forward to seeing them again soon!

This Week's Pretty Stats:

Tori's Pretty Life - Visiting the Toronto Islands - Tori's Pretty Things Blog

As for other life stuff? Here's the usual rundown:


I downloaded two easy reads for our travels to Greece: One True Loves and The Barefoot Summer. I'm hoping they keep me company on those departing and returning plane rides. 


Okay, so the Nashville finale? SO good! I have this season's soundtrack on major repeat.

Also, who else is slowly getting hooked on The Bold Type? Ahhh, it makes me miss New York so much in such a good way. 

Listening To

Aside from the Nashville soundtrack and starting to ease into fall Jazz, Kesha's new album is fantastic! Praying? Gives me all the feels. Woman? THE best to run my little heart out to when I'm on the treadmill!

That's a wrap on another pretty week!

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