Thursday, November 9, 2017

This Week's Pretty Nails - Tongue & Chic

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I have such a love/hate relationship with deep sapphire and rich emerald shades.

On the one hand, my eyes turn into massive hearts each time I see one! I immediately fall in love and click "Add to Cart" faster than you can say nail polish.

On the other hand, I store and wear my polish by season. Muted gray and dark purple? Hello, Winter. Pastel lilac and mint green? All the yes, Spring. Burnt red and rich coppers? There you are, Fall.

I know I won't reach for these two shades during winter but they don't quite feel fall to me either. Harrumph. Sadly, that means these two stunning shades sat unworn for wayyy too long!

Inspired by this pin, by this nail artist, this felt like a perfect pairing for two shades in need of some love.

To get this look, I start by painting two coats of the sapphire on my pointer, the emerald on my middle, and the rose gold on my pointer and thumb.

I then painted 1/3 of the ring nail with the sapphire shade, doing my best to keep the color even but not worrying about perfection.

Once dry, I painted the emerald shade over the top 2/3rd of the nail, again aiming for a straight line in the middle but not stressing about perfection.

Once dry, I painted a medium-weight horizontal line with the rose gold across the two shades. I also added a vertical line on the outer 1/3 of my middle nail. I added a quick-dry top coat to finish the look.

 In other news, I'm still unpacking away! Of course, I'm pushing too hard and catching a cold in the process... So I'm trying to remember my same packing-up mantra: It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Also, as I type this, my bestie, M, is in labor! Ahhh! :)

We've been chatting non-stop as we all excitedly await baby's arrival ... and no one more excitedly than M!

I'm hoping that by the time this post goes live, Baby will be here. Fingers crossed! :).

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