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Tori's Pretty Week - August


August 3 - August 9, 2020

Black Cami Jeans Summer Outfit 2020
Black Cami: Exact, Similar || Hoops: Exact || 
Bow Bracelet: Gift from a girlfriend, Similar || Fitbit Band: Exact ||

Urban Decay Miss T Nail Polish Swatch

Urban Decay Miss T Nail Polish Swatch
|| Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || 
|| Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option ||

Summer Fuschia Purple Nail Polishes 2020
|| Fuschia Polishes, Top Row from Left to Right: ||

|| Fuschia Polishes, Second Row from Left to Right: ||
China Glaze, Zoya Creme, Orly, Zoya Matte (Sold Out)

Downtown Chicago Golden Hour Skyline 2020
Downtown Chicago Skyline at Sunset - Summer 2020


We've made it to August and I'm sad. 

Normally by this point, I've had enough of the hot weather, enough of the sunshine, and enough of the summer rush. My mind is usually already picking out fall outfits, fall polishes, and fall scents. (Let's be real, that's still happening lol.)

But this year? I'm not ready to let this calm summer go 🌞

The pandemic has brought on so many awful experiences and taken so many lives. So I find myself looking for silver linings. I feel so grateful for my health. I feel so much more appreciate of a world privilege I didn't realize I had until the BLM movement. I find myself so thankful for the slower pace this summer brought, instead of the usual balancing act of visitors, visits, and vacations. 

I look forward to the simple joy of taking walks when the weather is nice out with my hubs, and experiencing more patio eating than we have in years (more on that below). I'm just not ready to go back to being indoors 90% of the time until a vaccine is available.

So I keep reminding myself that September is still usually warm. really, it's not usually until November when we really need to stay indoors that much. Plus, why worry about losing something when you still have it, right? 

So that's how I'm feeling this week. How are you feeling? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know!

Now, let's jump in to the rest of my week...

What I’m Buying

After all of my research, I found the chair to invest in!

I mentioned that while this chair that I use is pretty, it's just a killer on my back. So I spent the last two weeks deep diving into ergonomic chairs that are built for style, support, and comfort. I'm looking to make an investment on a chair that'll last me for (ideally) the next 10 years! 

So this is the chair I decided to go with. 

I know this is a true investment so I won't be checking my cart out until September when I'm done saving up. But the way I see it is that I'll be using this chair for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on top of the 2-3 hours I play at my desk each weekend. Even if I get just 3 years out of this chair, the cost-per-use is well worth the investment. 

Speaking of saving up, I got to spend my N Sale savings this week! I'm disappointed that a lot of what I was looking for was sold out before I even had the chance to shop as a cardholder. However, I'm really excited that I scooped up a whole bunch of great finds! I'm excited to share my thoughts over the next few weeks: 


What I recently bought

 I did go ahead and get this and this for my desk. This is a little more purple than white but it's still really pretty and works very well. 

I'm enjoying this so much! It's beautiful and feminine - a great way to brighten up my work and play time. It's a bit of an adjustment to not type directly on my laptop, but I think my back will really thank me for this more ergonomic set up lol.

B and I decided to book a last minute trip for a much needed mental health break. I'll share more about our trip in upcoming posts, but we're taking every precaution to travel safely and socially distanced. 
I've done quite a bit of Amazon shopping and bought this, this, this, this, and this for both our corona virus safety and our skin safety!

This Week's Seasonal Celebrations

I celebrated August by:
* Watermelon Day - August 3rd
(I forgot to buy Watermelon ahead of time!)
* Wear my August seasonal lip shade, Coral ✔️
(Love this and this shade!)
* Lucille Ball's Birthday - August 6th ✔️
(Once I read a biography, I love celebrating that person's birthday!)
* Listen to my Summer playlist ✔️
* Painted a weekly, seasonal mani  ✔️
* Burned a summer-scented candle ✔️
(I ran out of summer scents so I'm burning this. But it's so neutral that I still count it!)
* Book Lovers Day - August 9th ✔️

Reading Right Now

I'm over 75% through the The Happiness Project and will probably finish it this week. 

I'm really enjoying this book and can see so many practical uses to help make my own life a bit happier. Have you read it? What did you think?

Watching Right Now

I'm recording about 50 Summer Under the Stars classics to keep me company for the rest of the year 😂

This week I watched Pillow Talk during Rock Hudson day and The Strawberry Blonde during Rita Hayworth day. 

I've caught bits and pieces of Pillow Talk in the past so I knew I had to finally sit down and watched it all. It's such a cute RomCom! Those vivid late 50's color schemes? Heart eyes! 

I also really enjoyed The Strawberry Blonde. Would you believe this was my first James Cagney film?? I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the turn of last century setting but I was hooked within the first 10 minutes. Another cute one that I'd recommend!

I'm also still enjoying RHOBH and RHONY - everyone needs a little junk food TV now and then 😆

Loving Right Now

I'm loving delicious meals on cute patios! B and I enjoyed dinner here and then brunch here! It's helped me to see that we didn't take nearly enough advantage of patio seasons in Toronto as we should have. So eating on these patios surrounded by beautiful flowers, great weather, and wonderful company remind me just how special patio season in Chicago is 💓

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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