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What you Should and Shouldn't Buy from the N Sale

What you Should and Shouldn't Buy from the N Sale

Coming at you with an extra post this week - woo!

The N Sale is just a few days away for most cardholders, and just over a week away for the public sale. I see so many posts sharing what you should buy but so few posts sharing what to steer clear from.

I've shopped the sale since 2016 and I've had quite a few hits! But I've also had a few misses too. So here's my take on what you should and shouldn't spend your hard-earned money on during this year's sale. 

Disclaimer: This is 100% my opinion. What might be a terrible find for me might be an awesome find for you! Everyone has different style, needs, and wardrobe staples so these are just mine 😀

So let's jump in!

What you Should Buy from the N Sale

High-quality Cardigans
There is not a season that goes by where I'm not reaching for a long, well-made cardigan. 

In the Fall? Cute to layer over t-shirt or camis. 

In the Winter? Gimme all that warmth!

In the Spring? Let's change up the color palette while remembering it's still not that warm yet.

In the Summer? I need a reprieve from the air conditioning!

So if I'm getting the most wear out of an item, then I want it to be well made. I bought this cardigan in the gray color in last year's N Sale and it has been the #1 cardigan I've reached for all year long. It's medium weight and has withstood over a dozen washes without fading, pilling, or ripping. I'm excited to pick up a couple more colors this year. 

I was first introduced to Blondo boots during last year's N Sale. If you get one thing from the N Sale, get a pair of Blondo boots or booties!

They are the most comfortable booties I have ever worn. They're supportive and so cushioned on the inside while being completely waterproof on the outside. 

If you live somewhere that snows then you know how crappy it is to step into a puddle and realize your boots don't keep you dry. So investing in waterproof boots that are stylish and comfortable is an all-around win in my book!

Last year I picked up these and continue to get a ton of wear out of them. So this year I'm looking at a different texture and eyeing up these.

Affordable Long Sleeve Tees
At heart, I'm a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal. So for the last three Sales, I've added a long sleeve tee or two to my wardrobe. 

I find myself layering a long sleeve tee under cardigans or my wool sweaters. I also love to grab one on it's own when I'm super tired and just want to be comfortable!

I enjoy how soft these tees are and I usually like the style of these tees. I typically can't find long sleeve tees at this quality and this price point anywhere else!

Anything Free People
I have a love-hate relationship with Free People. I love their style but I hate how overpriced they are lol!

I love how flowy and feminine their tops and dresses are. But for a majority of the year, I just can't justify their price point. So the N Sale is when I like to scoop up an item or two at a price point that I'm much more comfortable with. 

This year, I have my eye on this and I'm considering this one too!

What you Shouldn't Buy from the N Sale

Who else has a stack of hats in their closet that look so cute on bloggers but that you never, ever reach for???

I will never deny how cute this and this hat look in photos and in person. And if hats are your thing? So much more power to you! 

I will just never reach for this and would rather spend my dollars on something I'll get a ton of use out of.

Blanket Scarves
It makes me so sad to say this but I wouldn't invest in a blanket scarf this year. Sadly, I'm slowly but surely seeing this trend fade out! 

So, if you're anything like me and already have 5 beautiful blanket scarves hanging in your closet, then enjoy wearing them for one more season and don't spend your money on a new one. (But if you did want to add just one more, this one is really pretty!)

Boots that Aren't Waterproof
This is going to really depend on the climate that you live in. If you live in a warmer climate where it doesn't snow and you enjoy a boot for fashion more than practicality, then there are so many cute boots in the sale this year! 

If I lived in California or Florida, I'd probably consider buying this and this. But I've lived in New Jersey, New York, Toronto, and Chicago. What's the common thread (besides being awesome places to live)? SNOW - and LOTS of it!

There is just no point for me to spend any money on boots that I can't wear in all kinds of weather. I've learned too many times that those cute boots do not hold up against the wear and tear that snowy weather puts them through. 

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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