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Summer to Fall Transition Looks || Tori's Pretty Week

  September 7 - 13, 2020

Leopard Blouse White Jeans Fall Outfit || Tori's Pretty Things
|| Blouse: Exact, Similar || Jeans: Exact || Sandals: Exact || Earrings: Exact, Similar || 

Easy Summer Nail Art || Tori's Pretty Things

Easy Summer Nail Art || Tori's Pretty Things
|| Purple Polish: Exact ||  Yellow Polish: Exact || Orange Polish: Exact || 
|| Glass nail file: Similar || || Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || 
|| Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option ||

Hot Pink Sleeveless Blouse and White Jeans Outfit || Tori's Pretty Things
|| Blouse: Sold Out, SimilarSimilar || Jeans: Exact || Sandals: 2 years Old, Similar, Similar || 

Chicago River Bridges Up || Tori's Pretty Things

China Glaze High Hopes Swatch || Tori's Pretty Things
|| Red Polish: Exact, Similar || Top Coat: Love thisAnd this || 
|| Base Coat: SO goodAnother great option ||

White Tee and Jeans Outfit || Tori's Pretty Things
|| Airpods: Exact || T-Shirt: Exact || Jeans: Exact || Slip Ons: 1 Year Old, Similar, Similar || 


There's not a whole heck of a lot to say about this past week. It was just a solidly good week, ya know?

It was one of those weeks where the stars aligned and I was incredibly productive. Something I learned about myself these last couple of years is that, for me, productive = happy. If I'm productive and feel accomplished? I'm happy! It's as simple (and not simple) as that.

So having a week where I was able to check so much off my to-do lists, both work-wise and fun-wise, felt really good. (More on my fun to-dos in my monthly celebrations below.)

So let me tell you all about it in this week's recap...

What I’m Buying

I scooped up quite a few products from The Ordinary line this week to continue to make forward progress on the path to getting my adult acne under control.

My acne isn't nearly as bad as some cases, but it also isn't non-existent like I would have hoped it would be at this stage in life. (It's very strange to struggle with gray hair and acne all at the same time!)

I'm investing more in my skincare this year to try higher quality products to get my skin under control. I use this cleanser religiously and love it! I bought this in May and not sure it's doing a whole lot. I also bought this and it's REALLY cool but I don't have the right products to combat what it brings to the surface. 

So I'm basically following this blog post and scooped up this, this, this, and this. They're arriving this week so I'll keep you posted!

I recently bought some new Fall polishes from the OPI Muse of Milan collection and the Zoya Luscious collection. Both collections are so beautiful! There's a healthy mix of traditional and modern fall color options within both collections that I'm so excited to try. 

My picks from OPI are this, this, this, and this. My picks from Zoya are this, this, this, and this

My last little fun find of the week is this. Currently, I store my "on-deck" lipsticks in my bathroom cabinet and I'm constantly knocking them onto the floor, into the sink, even in the garbage๐Ÿ™Š 

So hopefully this quells that a bit lol. 

What I Recently Bought

This and this have been so helpful in my daily time-blocking needs! 

This has been most useful for my weekdays. I really like to structure my time down to 15-30 minute increments to be as efficient as possible. So this has been extremely helpful to keep my work to-dos and my personal to-dos achieveable.

This has been really helpful to structure my weekend a bit more instead of having a hap-hazard to-do list that I squish in after 3 hours of TikTok scrolling lol.  This one doesn't offer time increments on the weekends, so using this to have a more gentle time-blocking schedule is helpful. 

This Week's Seasonal Celebrations

I celebrated September by:

*Labor Day - Sept 7th ✔️
(Is there really any way to celebrate this other than not working? lol)

*Burn a Fall scented candle ✔️
(I finished this and now I'm burning this - SO good!)

*Weekly wear my September lip shade, Mauve ✔️
(This is my favorite mauve lippie this year!)

*Listen to my Fall playlist ✔️

*Paint a weekly, seasonal mani ✔️

*Swap Fall lipstick colors in and Summer lipsticks colors out ✔️
(Hellooo mauves, plums, purples, and reds!)

*Hang Fall printable art above my desk ✔️
(I scooped up this and this - so cute!)

*Patriot's Day - Sept. 11th ✔️
(Never forget.)

*Fall-theme baking ✔️
(I had a few plums that were just too tart to eat.
So I made this and it came out really well!

*Watch a football game  ✔️
(It's only right to start rooting for the Bears now that I live in Chicago! 
It was fun to watch their first win of the season - woo!)

Reading Right Now

I just finished this and Wow... Just Wow. What an incredible book!

If you're like me and didn't read it when you were in school, GO! Read this! Immediately! 

Even if you did read it when you were in school, read it again. There is so much I would have missed if I read this at 15 or 16. 

I'm considering waiting a week on my next Kindle book and picking this up. She was my favorite singer when I was growing up and I'm very curious to hear about her tabloid scandals from her point of view. 

I'll also be reading this for the next couple of months as my newest coffee table book. I'm not a huge jewelry fan but I am a big Elizabeth fan.

Watching Right Now

LOVING the RHONY and RHOBH finales! 

Things are heating up for RHOBH and I'm still Team Rinna over here. I'm sad to see Dorinda leaving the RHONY cast. This was my first year watching and her honesty was harsh but also refreshing!

Movie-wise, B and I watched The Getaway, as I continue to make my way through the classics from Summer Under the Stars that I DVR'd. 

What an entertaining film! The pace was fantastic and it was interesting the whole way through. My only gripe is that these two seasoned bank robbers sure did make a ton of rookie mistakes lol. 

I also watched Class Action Park because... well, I'm from New Jersey and wanted to fact check if the legend matched up to the movie. Answer: it did ๐Ÿ˜‚

Listening to Right Now

Still not listening to a ton of modern music. Still loving my Jazzy Fall ๐Ÿ˜

For the modern music I am listening to, I love Taylor Swift's new album so, so, so much. These are the three songs I'm enjoying right now: this, this, and this

For my Jazz and Standards playlist, I'm enjoying learning this, this, and this! I dare you to listen to these and not just feel all cozy and mellow.

Loving Right Now

A simple and sweet love for the week: Lately this has made my morning coffee just so wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by today ๐Ÿ˜€

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