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A Busy Little Bee || Tori's Pretty Week

 Oct. 5  - Oct. 11, 2020

chicago fall photography, grant park chicago pictures, chicago aesthetic
|| Grant Park, Chicago - Fall 2020 ||

purple sweater outfit fall, burgundy sweater outfit fall, spanx leggings outfit fall, leopard booties outfit fall
|| Top: Exact ||
|| Earrings: Exact || 
|| Leggings: Exact || 
|| Booties: Exact ||

opi suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs, opi suzi & the 7 dusseldorfs swatch
|| Purple Nail Polish: OPI Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs ||
|| Top Coat: Holo Taco ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||

leopard booties outfit fall, light jeggings outfit fall, orange sweater outfit fall looks
|| Sweater: Exact ||
|| Jeans: Sold out - Similar ||
|| Booties: Exact ||
|| Earrings: Exact || 

chicago riverwalk, chicago riverwalk photography, chicago river, chicago river bridges
|| Chicago River & Skyline - Fall 2020 ||

|| Top - Sold Out - Similar ||
|| Earrings: Exact || 
|| Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: Last Year - This Year's Version ||

fall blue nails art designs, Zoya Tommy, Zoya Ibiza, Zoya Soleil
|| Light Gray-Blue Polish: Zoya Tommy ||
|| Copper Shimmer Polish: Zoya Soleil ||
|| Navy Polish: Zoya Ibiza ||
|| Toap Coat: Holo Taco ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||


Man, has this week been BUS-Y!

I mentioned before that B and I are trying to squeeze in as much social and outside time as we can before we're stuck indoors for a Chicago winter ❄. 

Last night, we decided to take a social-distanced visit to see the El Greco exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago before it leaves town. (Thursdays are the least busy, even during this time of limited capacity!)

Tonight I'll be enjoying a much needed video chat with my 3 best gals. Then tomorrow I'll enjoy the end of patio season with B, my cousin, and her husband for a daytime brunch. 

My heart is so full from all of this social time while my introverted mind is so tired. t's all about balance, right? lol

So while I have a few moments to spare, let's jump into this week's recap....

What I Bought

You ever have those clothing items that you never wore, kept for years, and then finally gave it a try and wondered why you avoided it for so long? That's me when it comes to robes. 

I never really understood their purpose but lately I'm really enjoying them! I only have lightweight fabric robes so I scooped up this to (hopefully) keep me warm when I'm getting ready in the morning.

I also scooped up these pants that I've been eyeing for a few weeks. I make myself a promise that if I'm still thinking of something 3-5 days later, and I can afford it, then I can buy it. (#RecoveringImpulseShopper)

I thought about these for two weeks so I checked out that cart and they're now en-route! 

Last, I needed to replace a couple of long sleeve striped tees so I scooped up this and this

Last Week's Buys - Yay or Nay?

My chair was delivered  - 4 weeks early AND fully assembled! Woo! 

It's only been a couple of days but, so far, it's leaps and bounds better than the chair I used prior. I feel like such a grown up with my very first rolling office chair 😂

This came too and it is lovely. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and it's comfortable. I have zero complaints!

Weekly Seasonal Celebrations

October mini-celebrations included:

Burn a Fall scented candle ✔️
(I finished this  but I didn't love it. The vanilla was overpowering.)

Weekly wear my October lip shade, Plum ✔️
(The shades I enjoy wearing are too old to link!)

Listen to my Master Fall playlist ✔️

Paint a weekly, seasonal mani
(I was just too tired this weekend!)

Reading Right Now

I'm still very much reading this and I cannot put it down!

In general, my heart aches for how difficult her childhood was. I'm so impressed by her fearless determination to succeed. 

I just finished the chapter where she tells the story of The Roof. So pretty much all I want to do right now is avoid all other life tasks and keep reading lol. 

I'm just about 1/2 way through and I already highly recommend it.

Watching Right Now

Jeopardy is back and it makes B and I so happy! 

We love to play along during dinner, cheering each other on as he gets the geography, language, and science questions while I usually get the TV, film, and music questions. (We're both pretty decent at the history category... and equally terrible at the religion ones lol.

I also vegged out over the weekend and watched St. Elmo's Fire. There's something about a good 80's movie that just feels comforting and nostalgic. 

Let's be fair - parts of this film have not aged well. Legit stalking? The "No doesn't really mean No" aggressive behavior? Not the best when viewed in a 2020 light. 

But that fall, New England setting? Remembering the excitement and fear in those first post-college months? That time when your friends were more important than anything in the world? Yeah, that I can get down with 😍

Listening to Right Now

 I find myself diving into my musical archives by listening to this and this while I'm reading Mariah's biography. So fun to listen to songs and knowing the stories behind them! 

I'm also still very much in my Jazzy/Oldies Fall mood. 

Every October, I add a few new classics that have a bit of  Halloween twist. So Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered, The Boogie Man, and Old Devil Moon are now in the rotation.

Enjoying Right Now

Yoga 💙

I generally struggle to find my inner chill. Give me 12 hours in a day and I'll plan out my to-do list for all 12 hours, down to the 15 minute increment. #TypeAProblems

So diving into Yoga this past year, and particularly picking it up this week after taking September off from workouts, has been so, so good for my mental health. 

I prefer an at-home setting instead of a class setting, so Yoga by Adrienne and my yoga mat are all I need to find 30 minutes of gentle exercise and mental peace.

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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