Friday, October 9, 2020

La Vie en Rose || Tori's Pretty Week

  Sept. 28 - Oct. 4, 2020

white boho blouse outfit jeans, white boho blouse outfit, white boho blouse outfit casual
|| Top: Exact || Earrings: Exact || 
|| Jeans: Exact || Booties: 1 year old - This year's version ||

dotticure nail art simple, fall dotticure, Orly Desert Muse Collection, Orly Roam With Me, Orly Wild Abandon
|| Purple Shade: Orly Wild Abandon ||
|| Nude Pink Shade: Orly Roam With Me ||
|| Top Coat: Holo Taco ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||

mustard cardigan outfit fall, mustard cardigan outfit fall work, mustard cardigan outfit winter, mustard cardigan outfit casual
|| Cardigan: Last Year - Similar || 
|| Cami: Exact || Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: Exact, Similar ||
|| Earrings: Exact || 

parlor pizza bar chicago, parlor pizza chicago, parlor pizza bar, chicago river north restaurant
|| Parlor Pizza Bar - River North, Chicago ||

white and black outfits casual, black and white outfits casual, black and white outfits casual fall winter
|| Top: Exact || Jeans: Exact ||
|| Shoes: Exact || Lipstick: Exact ||

essie chinchilly nails, essie chinchilly nails, fall nail art designs, nail art designs fall 2020
|| Gray Polish: Essie Chinchilly ||
|| Silver Glitter: China Glaze T for Tinsel ||
|| Green Polish: Orly Sagebrush ||
|| Toap Coat: Holo Taco ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||

olive cardigan outfit fall, olive green cardigan outfit fall, leopard blouse outfit fall
|| Cardigan: Exact, Similar ||
|| Top: Exact || Jeans: Exact ||
Earrings: Exact || Loafers: Exact ||


I wish I could slow October down. 

My heart swells with happiness for all of the fall colors, the changing leaves, the start of jacket weather, putting on my cozy sweaters, enjoying hot coffee.... (insert the happiest of sighs)

October is la vie en rose and I want to revel in it all 😍

Let me spread a little of that October joy and jump into this week's recap....

What I Bought

I did it. I finally did it - I finally bought this chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might remember that I did a ton of research a couple of months ago. At the time, I was struggling with "unexplained" back pain. Well, turns out that of course I would have intense lower back pain when I up my step count goals, but do 3-5 miles of walking around my home either barefoot or in slippers. (#QuarantineLife)

So that was an easy fix lol!

Even though I solved my back pain, I still don't love the chair I'm currently using. So in about 4-5 weeks time, I'll be the proud owner of this! Woohoo!

In less fun but equally important news, it was time to replace my sleep mask. So I scooped up this during a 50% off sale at Nordstrom Rack. (Check the link to see if it's still on sale!)

I also finally bought this. I couldn't help myself! (More on that below.)

Last Week's Buys - Yay or Nay?

Last week I scooped up this book but I haven't started it yet (more on that below too.)

We're on week three of swapping in The Ordinary skincare products into my skincare routine. 

So far? I'm still feeling pretty meh about it. 

Last night I used this and this to de-clog some of my congested pores on top of my regular routine. Of course I'm seeing redness today but I should see improvement later in the week. 

I'm using this cleanser with this and this in the AM. In the PM, I'm using this to take off my makeup. (Now this I REALLY like!) Then I use this cleanser again, this AHA/BHA gel, this, and this

I'll keep going with these products for another couple of months to really give it enough time to work. So we'll see! 

Weekly Seasonal Celebrations

September & October mini-celebrations included:

Burn a Fall scented candle ✔️
(I finished this and highly recommend it! 
I started this but I'm not sure if it's worth the buy just yet.)

Weekly wear my September lip shade, Mauve ✔️
(This is my favorite mauve lippie this year)

National Beer Day - September 28 ✔️
(Our apartment building gave out free, craft beer!)

Coffee Day - September 29th ✔️
(Everyday is coffee day around here lol)

A Friend's Birthday - Oct 1st ✔️

The start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Oct 1st ✔️

My Step-Mom-In-Law's Birthday - Oct 2nd ✔️

My Sister-In-Law's Birthday - Oct 3rd ✔️

Listen to my Master Fall playlist ✔️

Paint a weekly, seasonal mani ✔️

Reading Right Now

I made a major swerve in my reading plans and I'm basically, exclusively reading this

I mentioned before that I was so excited for it's release. I should have listened to myself and just waited for it to come out lol. Oh well. Now I just have this waiting for me at a later date!

I'm only 7% through but man, was her childhood difficult! 

It's really interesting to think of her songs and then reading about the sad inspiration behind them. I'm for sure going to take my time with this one.

Watching Right Now

My husband is such a good man. He indulges my love of classic film - and he's even come around to enjoying quite a few of them himself!

We both enjoy a good Film Noir when the weather gets colder. So we finally crossed this iconic film noir off our list this past weekend. 

There is so much hype around this film and I GET it! It was so layered, moody, and gave me someone to root for and no one to root for at the same time. SO good! Highly, highly recommend for anyone interested in starting their Film Noir journey. 

(Would you be interested in hearing my other favorite film noirs? Lemme know in the comments!)

Listening to Right Now

My Fall Jazz love affair continues! This album just came out last week and it's just lovely. 

I'm also enjoying this and this song lately. 

Enjoying Right Now

Fall food flavors!

Not only is it pumpkin spice season but it's officially National Pizza Month 🍕! I feel like everywhere I turn, there's a pumpkin spice pancake, caramel coffee creamer, or pizza-centered holiday calling my name. 

And you know what? I've worked really hard on my relationship with food these past 24 months. So I'm excited to practice moderation and enjoy a little bit of it all - guilt free 😊

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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