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This is (almost) Halloween! || Tori's Pretty Week

 Oct. 12  - Oct. 17, 2020

red plaid outfits for women, red plaid outfit fall, red plaid outfit winter
|| Top: 1 year old - Similar || 
|| Necklaces: ExactExact ||
|| Sunglasses: Exact || 
|| Belt: 10 year's loved - Similar || 
|| Jeans: Exact || Booties: Exact ||

chicago fall photography, chicago in the fall photography, shedd aquarium chicago
|| Shedd Aquarium - Fall 2020 ||

burgundy cardigan outfit fall, burgundy cardigan outfit work, leopard blouse outfit jeans
|| Cardigan: Exact ||
|| Top: Exact || 
|| Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: Exact || 

essie nail polish heart of the jungle swatch, zoya soleil nail polish, fall nail art olive green

essie nail polish heart of the jungle swatch, zoya soleil nail polish, fall nail art olive green
|| Warm Olive Green Polish: Essie Heart of the Jungle ||
|| Copper Shimmer Polish: Zoya Soleil ||
|| Toap Coat: Holo Taco ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||

black and white plaid outfit fall, black and white buffalo plaid outfit fall fashion
|| Top: Exact || 
|| Cardigan: ExactSimilar ||
|| Jeans: Exact || 
|| Booties: 3 years old - Similar ||
|| Sunglasses: Exact ||


Happy Friday and Happy one week until Halloween! 

I have to say - Halloween will feel pretty normal for me this year. Given how un-normal this entire year has been, I'm pretty pumped for that sense of normal lol. 

Aside from indulging my love for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", B can usually take or leave Halloween. Yet, I always loved dressing up in costume and enjoying a good Halloween party. 

To compromise, the last half a dozen years or so have been very mellow. We snuggle up with The Great Pumpkin, have some candy ready for the rouge apartment building trick or treater (that we mostly eat ourselves lol), and I'll bask in my favorite Halloween sweatshirt.

I'm really looking forward to it this year! 😍

 But before we look ahead, let's look behind and jump into this week's recap....

What I Bought

I was #Influenced! I'm such a fan of Krista (If you aren't already following her, you should!) She's so down to earth and I love her style. 

So when she said this is THE sweater to scoop up on a 40% off sale, I listened! I bought it in the burgundy color and I'm really excited for it. 

I also started making my Holiday 2020 nail polish wishlist. OPI and Zoya formally launched their Holiday/Winter collections. Orly's Color Pass with their Holiday 2020 collection arrived. China Glaze hasn't formally launched but these promo photos have my really pumped!

The OPI collection is a little lackluster for me. I only have my eye on a couple of shades, but the shades I am eyeing are stunners. I'm considering this, this and this.

Zoya's Luscious collection is a very beautiful, cohesive collection. However, I'm now in my 10th year of polish collection (Wild, right?!) I can't justify buying shades that are too similar to ones I already have (like you, Beverly) and shades I enjoy in the bottle but won't actually wear. (Here's looking at you, Eunice.)

The shades that I'll probably scoop up are Meredith, Regina, and Lottie. I'm also considering Isti too. It's so beautiful, but will I really wear it? TBD!

As for Orly? I signed up for their Color Pass so the whole Orly Metropolis collection for Holiday 2020 arrived at my door this past weekend! Woohoo! 

I can't find anything about this collection online outside of a Reddit feed, so I'll share my thoughts as I wear 'em.

Last Week's Buys - Yay or Nay?

Welp - these pants were a bust. I so badly want to be able to find a great pair of wide leg pants that look sleek and elegant, but I think it might just not be meant to be for my body type. Le sigh...

This robe hasn't come yet (at least, at the time I'm writing this) but this and this have - so cute! I'm actually wearing  this as I type 😋. It's stretchy, soft, and cute. What's not to love?

This wasn't a recent purchase but a rediscovery! I was so into this last year but once the weather warmed up, I just let my hair airdry. Now that temps are dropping (and who wants to walk around with wet hair when it's 49 degrees!), I rediscovered how much I love this.

I have thick hair - and a lot of it. It typically takes 15 minutes to just blow dry my hair and another 15 to flat iron or curl it. (Hence, the air drying in the summer so I can just style it the next day!)

My hair is one of my favorite features but it takes a lot of maintenance. So to be able to dry AND style my hair in 10 minutes? This tool is a winner in my book!

Weekly Seasonal Celebrations

October mini-celebrations included:

Burn a Fall scented candle ✔️
(my all-time favorite Fall candle is burning and it makes me so, so happy!)

Weekly wear my October lip shade, Plum ✔️
(The shades I enjoy wearing are too old to link! 
Here's one I'm looking at adding to the collection, though.)

Listen to my Master Fall playlist ✔️

Paint a weekly, seasonal mani ✔️

Watch a Halloween-themed Film ✔️
(More on this below)

My Parents' 39th wedding anniversary - Oct 17th ✔️

Celebrate National Pasta Day - Oct 17th ✔️
(Hands down, my favorite pasta spot in Chicago)

VOTE! ✔️
(More on this below too)

Reading Right Now

Another week and I'm still very much reading this!

I imagine that I'll finish it this week since I'm about 85% through. 

I still can't recommend it enough. I'm enjoying both her story and this style of writing. Her voice is clear, the pictures that she and her ghost writer paint are vivid, and I love the woven song lyrics throughout. 

I always enjoyed her music and many of her songs helped me feel less alone during difficult times. It's really special to learn the stories behind the songs.

Watching Right Now

B and I are very much still enjoying our TV staples: Jeopardy, The Sopranos, and Friends

We're just finishing up season four of The Sopranos and WOW. Sometimes episodes are so intense that I need a week break before we can pick the show up again. I won't quit, though, because this show is just incredible!

We're also half way through season four of Friends. It's fun watching episodes that I forgot and getting to see episodes I loved through fresh eyes, as B watches most of the series for the first time.

When it comes to movies, I put my classic films on hold to enjoy a different kind of classic - Hocus Pocus. There's nothing like a fun Halloween movie to get in the spooky spirit! 

Listening to Right Now

We're a week away from Halloween and so my Halloween playlist is in full rotation!  

It's probably the shortest of my playlists but it's filled with so many quality goodies. 

I love 80's and 90's throwbacks like Thriller, This is Halloween, and A Nightmare on My Street

I mentioned last week that I also love Halloween classics or classics with a bit of a Halloween touch. So you'll also find Monster Mash, Haunted Heart, and Witchcraft

And would a Halloween playlist even be complete without this Graveyard theme?!

Enjoying Right Now

Voting! 💙💗

In general, voting is so important to me. I remember being incredibly upset that most of my friends could vote in the 2004 presidential election but I was 1 month shy of being the legal voting age!

Especially because it's the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, I feel that it is my responsibility as a woman to vote in honor of my great-great grandmothers who fought so hard for that right.

B and I dropped off our mail-in ballots at our local early voting office. I encourage you to vote, if you haven't already!

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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