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Let the Magical Season Begin || Tori's Pretty Week

November 2020

|| Our 2020 Christmas Tree! ||

|| Cardigan: 2 years Old, Similar & on Sale! ||
|| Blouse: Exact and 40% off!||
|| Earrings: Exact || 
|| Jeans: Exact ||
|| Booties: Exact and 35% off! || 

|| Blue Nail Polish: Exact ||
|| Red Shimmer Nail Polish: Exact ||
|| Camel Nail Polish: Old, Similar ||
|| Dark Brown Nail Polish: Old, Similar ||
|| Top Coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat ||
|| Base Coat: Holo Taco ||

|| John Hancock Tower and Chicago Northern Skyline - Fall 2020 ||

|| Blouse: Exact and 40% off! || 
|| Earrings: Exact ||
|| Jeans: Last Spring, Similar || 
|| Booties: Old, This year's version - 35% off! ||


Or should I say most magical? Because the best things in my life often seem to happen between late November and New Year's Day. 

Let me paint you a picture....

The last full week of November is usually full of excitement - often coupled with bags being packed, a lengthy road trip to travel, and this song blaring on the radio as often as B, my loving hubs, will let me play it lol.

This year we've decided not to travel or congregate in groups to do our part in preventing the potential spread of coronavirus to our loved ones (and vice versa!) Yet, I'm still so excited for a day full of cozy sweaters, lots of ordered-in turkey, and this movie keeping us company. 

Next comes my birthday on the 2nd, usually so close to Thanksgiving that I can enjoy leftovers all the way to the day of 😂. 

Normally, B will take me to high tea and we'll spend a day doing Christmas-y things together. This year will be a bit different but excitingly the Rockefeller Tree Lighting fall on my special day this year! I look forward to "a lovely cheese pizza just for me" and watching that with B on my special night. 

From there, we're in the full swing of the holiday season where cookies get baked, holiday cards get mailed, presents are wrapped, and Santa PJs are worn - all traditions that can carry on as usual during this COVID year! 

Then we have Christmas Eve and Christmas to enjoy another couple of days of delicious food, holiday movies, and everything merry. 

A couple of days later, on the 28th, my husband and I celebrate our 8th dating anniversary. We usually reminisce about eating too many Buffalo Wild Wings and how our server politely kicked us out of their section because we were talking for too long on that first meeting 😍. 

And, oh, this year we'll be (hopefully) closing on our first home on the 28th too!!!!!!!!! Did I forget to mention that? 😜 (More on that below!)

Last, we wrap up that last week in December by drinking champagne, watching the ball drop,  and thinking about all of the plans for the year ahead on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

So, all in all, I'm pretty darn pumped for the weeks to come!

But before we get there, let's take a look back on the last week before the magic starts with last week's recap...

What I Bought

I re-purchased my new favorite brow pencil and I'm shocking myself that I officially converted away from my former holy grail brow pencil.

I still love this pencil and find it a perfect color match for my brows. This pencil, though, smudges less and it's faster to apply. So shout out to my FabFitFun subscription for introducing me to another great product that I wouldn't have tried otherwise! (Not sponsored - I wish! This is my affiliate link, if you're interested.

I also scooped up the last of the 2020 holiday polishes to add to my ever-growing nail polish collection. I scooped up this, this, this, and this from Zoya and this, this, this, and this from OPI. Once they arrive? Let the holiday manicures begin!

I was 100% #influenced by Jaclyn Hill when she posted this on her stories. What a genius tool!!! That's $5 well spent. 

Last, I added a couple more holiday items to my holiday home decor in a recent run to Target. I scooped up these candles to match the trees I scooped up a couple of weeks ago. I also bought these because you can just never have enough storage! 

Last Week's Buys - Yay or Nay?

My Sephora order came in - woo! I shared with you last week that I scooped up this highlightthis blush,  this bronzer. and splurged on the matching brush. I've used all four a couple of times this week and WOW. I GET the hype on these products!

The highlight/brightening powder is everything I want in a highlight! It creates a glow without looking like a spotlight on my texture/acne-prone skin. 

This blush has the right amount of pigment and quite a bit of staying power. This bronzer is also exactly what I'm looking for in a bronzer - subtle but smooth definition. I'm not a contour kind of gal so this is just perfect for me! 

And the brush - THE BRUSH! It's SO soft and blends fabulously! The test will really be once I see how much it sheds after a few washes. 

As of this moment, I recommend all four products and I'm really excited to continue to use them in my every-day-but-really-every-3-day-work-from-home makeup routine lol. 

Weekly Seasonal Celebrations

Burn a Fall scented candle ✔️
(I'm finishing up my new favorite Thanksgiving candle! It smells like pumpkin pie!)

Weekly wear my November lip shade, Dark Red ✔️
(This is my new favorite dark red shade. It's stunning and so comfortable.)

Listen to my Thanksgiving Playlist ✔️

Paint a weekly, seasonal mani ✔️

Veteran's Day - Nov. 11th ✔️
(Thank you to all of those who serve for our country!)

Put up the Christmas Tree and decorate for the holiday season ✔️✔️

Reading Right Now

I haven't been making much time to read lately. I'm slowly starting this - a book that's been on my Good Reads for years!

I'm not even a chapter in yet so I don't have a good gauge of if I'll continue to read it. We'll see!

Watching Right Now

B and I are slowly working are way through Fargo. We're going at a really slow pace mostly because we like to watch TV with dinner. If you watch this show then you know how easy it is to lose your appetite at some of the scenes lol.  

B and I are also heartbroken to learn the news of Alex Trebec's passing. We both grew up watching Jeopardy and continued to watch together throughout our relationship. 

Alex was a wonderful host who brought so much joy into our home. We send love to his family and we will miss him dearly. 

Listening to Right Now

I'm still heavily enjoying my Thanksgiving playlist and new Christmas albums simultaneously! 


Enjoying Right Now

That we went into contract on our first home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B and I make decisions about where we live very quickly. We found our NYC apartment in 1/2 a day. We found our first Toronto apartment in one day. We found our Chicago apartment in two days. We go for what we like lol!

With so many people leaving and moving to the suburbs, we decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to explore what the condo market in Chicago was looking like. Lucky for us, while the housing market is a sellers market, the condo market is a buyers market. 

So we spent the last couple of weeks looking and quickly found a home we both loved. Within 36 hours of making our choice, we made an offer, negotiated, accepted on offer, and went under contract. It's been an exciting ride ever since!

If all goes well, we'll be closing on the 28th. So wish us luck! 

Thanks for stopping by today 😀

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